The brief discusses minimum wages across the Countries.

Minimum Wage 2021


Countries 2021 Source
United Kingdom  The National Living Wage will increase by 2.2 per cent from £8.72 to £8.91, and will be extended to 23 and 24 year olds for the first time HERE
South Africa  The National Minimum Wage (NMW) will increase to R21.69 per hour from 1 March. HERE
Australia  From 1 February 2021, new minimum wages in the retail, accommodation, food services and a range of other industries increase by 1.75%.
Note: As of 1 July 2020 the national minimum wage is $19.84 per hour or $753.80 per week.
UAE  United Arab Emirates does not have a minimum wage
Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia’s yearly minimum wage is $7,585.00 in International Currency HERE


States Wages per day, until March, 2021 Source (w.r.t State’s Labour Ministry)
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Unskilled- Rs. 490/-
Semi-skilled- Rs. 547/-
skilled/ clerical- Rs. 632/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 690/-
Notification No. F.No. 16/1/MW/2019-20/LC&DET/23 dated 07.01.2021
Andhra Pradesh Unskilled- Rs.4000/- to Rs. 5000/-
Semi-skilled-  Rs.4250/- to Rs. 6500/-
Skilled- Rs. 4500 to Rs. 7000/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 7500/-
Notification No. J/1434/2020 dated 30.09.2020
Arunachal Pradesh Unskilled- Rs. 200/-
Semi-Skilled- Rs. 210/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 220/-
Notification No. LAB/MW- 22/2016 dated 01.07.2016
Assam Unskilled- Rs. 287.73/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 335.69/-
Skilled- Rs. 419.63/-
Highly Skilled- Rs.  539.50/-
Notification No. GLR.503/81/Pt.I/141 dated 07.11.2020
Bihar Unskilled- Rs. 292/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 304/-
Skilled- Rs. 370/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 451/-
Notification No. F.:/ MW. V.D.A dated 01.10.2020
Chandigarh Unskilled- Rs. 424/-
Semi-skilled- Rs. 430/-
Skilled- Rs. 444/-
Notification No. ST/(CPI)/2020-21/108 dated 27.01.2021
Chhattisgarh Unskilled- Rs. 344/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 369/-
Skilled- Rs. 399/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 429/-
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Unskilled- Rs. 324.50/-
Semi-skilled- Rs. 332.50/-
Skilled- Rs. 340.50/-
Notification No. LE/LI/ DMN/MWA-3(II)2020/150 dated 10.07.2020, UT Administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu
Daman and Diu Unskilled- Rs. 324.50/-
Semi-skilled- Rs. 332.50/-
Skilled- Rs. 340.50/-
 Notification No. LE/LI/ DMN/MWA-3(II)2020/150 dated 10.07.2020, UT Administration of Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman & Diu
Delhi Unskilled- Rs. 596/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 657/-
Skilled- Rs. 723/-
Notification No. F.No. 12(142)/02/MW/VII/Partfile/3786-3809 dated 07.12.2020, Government of NCT of Delhi, Labour Department
Goa Unskilled                     Rs. 307/-
Semi-skilled                Rs. 368/-
skilled                           Rs. 423/-
Highly Skilled/
Supervisory                Rs. 465/-
Notification No. CLE/PA/MWA-VDA/(10)/2016/969 dated 22.04.2020, Office of Commissioner, Labour & Employment
Gujarat Unskilled- Rs. 332.20/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 340.20/-
Skilled- Rs. 349.20/-
Haryana Unskilled- Rs. 363.78/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 401.06/-
Skilled- Rs. 421.12/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 464.28/-
Himachal Pradesh Unskilled- Rs. 249.47/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 264.12/-
Skilled- Rs. 319.17/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 332.12/-
Jammu and Kashmir Unskilled- Rs. 225/-
Skilled- Rs. 350/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 400/-
Jharkhand Unskilled- Rs. 300.36/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 314.67/-
Skilled- Rs. 414.80/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 479.16/-
Karnataka Unskilled- Rs. 435/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 473/-
Skilled- Rs. 516/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 562/-
Kerala Unskilled- Rs. 394/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 405/-
Skilled- Rs.429/-
Madhya Pradesh Unskilled- Rs. 323.08/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 356.04/-
Skilled- Rs. 409.04/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 459.04/-
Maharashtra Unskilled- Rs. 381.54/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 413.69/-
Skilled- Rs. 443.54/-
Manipur Unskilled- Rs. 225/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 248/-
Skilled- Rs. 273/-
Meghalaya Unskilled- Rs. 343/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 389/-
Skilled- Rs. 435/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 480/-
Mizoram Unskilled- Rs. 270/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 300/-
Skilled- Rs. 370/-
Nagaland Unskilled- Rs. 176/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 210/-
Skilled- Rs. 235/-
Odisha Unskilled- Rs. 308.05/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 348.05/-
Skilled- Rs. 398.05/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 458.05/-
Puducherry Unskilled- Rs. 231.60/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 260.80/-
Skilled- Rs.271.39/-
Punjab Unskilled- Rs. 338.05/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 368.05/-
Skilled- Rs. 402.55/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 442.25/-
Rajasthan Unskilled- Rs. 225/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 237/-
Skilled- Rs.249/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 299/-
Sikkim Unskilled- Rs. 300/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 320/-
Skilled- Rs. 335/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 365/-
Notification No. S.G.P.G – 440/Com.6/Gazette/100Nos./ dated 15.09.2017 Department of Labour, Government of Sikkim
Tamil Nadu Unskilled- Rs. 353.96/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 360.81/-
Skilled- Rs. 382.50/-
Telangana Unskilled- Rs. 382.55/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 405.71/-
Skilled- Rs. 453.98/-
Tripura Unskilled- Rs. 534.47/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 586.56/-
Skilled- Rs. 656.17/-
Uttar Pradesh Unskilled- Rs. 336.85/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 370.54/-
Skilled- Rs. 415.04/-
Uttarakhand Unskilled- Rs. 296.36/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 315.46/-
Skilled- Rs. 335.26/-
West Bengal Unskilled- Rs. 296/-
Semi Skilled- Rs. 371/-
Skilled- Rs. 409/-
Highly Skilled- Rs. 449/-

*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant and Bhumika Indulia, Associate Editor has put this story together.

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