The primary aim of presenting a Literary Festival from a Law School setting is to garner attention towards the fading focus on the Law and Society discourse. Literature is an important component of this discourse. The Literary Festival in its previous editions has seen large participation from students, professionals and eminent speakers from across the country.

We live in a society that is increasingly interconnected while also becoming increasingly disparate. Recent happenings have forced us to think beyond our immediacies and look at the larger picture. Keeping that in mind, we have chosen as the theme of this year’s literary festival Changing Realities: All Our Yesterdays, Foregone Conclusions, and a Brave New World. We shall be exploring the conundrums which define the present day and age, the way they have evolved over time, and how they will shape themselves in the days to come. As a part of the literary festival, NALSAR is organizing 2 panel discussions.

The topic of the first panel is “Journalistic freedom and free speech“.

The panel with Sidharth Varadarajan, Annie Zaidi and Niranjan Takle shall shed light on contemporary happenings in the realm of journalistic freedom and the role played by the legislature, judiciary, and executive in protecting it.

The link to attend the panel is HERE

The topic of the second panel is “Changing Realities: Stories, Experiences and their Expression”.

This panel centres on highlighting conundrums of the present through storytelling and sharing experiences. Throughout history, voices have been subdued and ignored but they have found different mediums to express themselves. As we continue to explore such mediums, the stories and their forms of expression have evolved with the change in political and social structures. With more forms of expression becoming accessible, people have varied opportunities to share their stories and are not limited to conventional forms of expressing themselves. The panelists are Amandeep Sandhu, Rachana Mudraboyina and Urvashi Butalia.

The link to attend the panel is HERE

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