Law and Policy at Gujarat National Law University introduced new Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology,

Biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and India is among the top 12 destinations. Biotechnology applies to the development of products and technologies useful in a broad range of sectors like agriculture, environment, health, fuel etc. Some of the biotechnological applications are welcome and some like stem cell research, GM products are controversial. Biotechnology plays a very important role in human welfare and has revolutionized mankind since its existence. It contributes much towards the human’s welfare and their health needs.  By this course, we aim to teach the relationship between biotechnology and law. This course would discuss the areas which are less discussed with respect to biotechnology, environment, IPR and science. This course would take a holistic approach to make the students aware of the legal aspects of biotechnology

For more details, refer PGDBLP Brochure

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