Mediation: Legitimacy & Practice by Hemant K. Batra is part of EBC’s Law For The Layman series. In this book, the author underscores the importance of mediation over other alternate forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and conciliation. From the origin of mediation to the requisite skills and procedure, all aspects of mediation are covered at length in this publication. The language of this book is simple and lucid and it will be easy for a person of a non-law background to follow the book.

The book is concise with a length of just over 150 pages. It will be extremely useful not just for practitioners but also for students of law as mediation under alternative dispute system is a compulsory subject in law school. The book is written by Mr Batra who has approximately thirty years of experience as a lawyer and is also an academician.

Praise for the book:

The beauty of the book in-hand, written by Hemant K. Batra, is that it gives an overview of mediation in such a way that a beginner may use the book as an introductory reader while a mediation practitioner may keep it at elbow’s end brushing his skills, updating his techniques and also as a reference book as and when needed. It is a practical book from a successful lawyer who has been busy mastering the secrets of trade by practicing conciliation and mediation side by side of giving legal advice and conducting matters in litigation.

—Extract from the foreword by Justice R.C. Lahoti, Former Chief Justice of India

Hemant Batra has brought to bear his formidable research skills on what is sure to become an important contribution to the body of academic work on alternative dispute resolution, and particularly mediation. Tracing the history of mediation back thousands of years and across various cultures, the book is an in-depth analysis of the unique benefits that mediation can provide as a tool to resolve litigation in a cost-effective, low-stress manner. I am confident that the book will be of immense utility to both students and practitioners alike in the years to come.

—K.K. Venugopal, Attorney General for India

Table Of Contents:

Table of Cases

  1. Origin
  2. Connotation
  3. Legitimacy
  4. Categories
  5. Skills and Procedure

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