Legal potion for future Intelligence by EBC| Artificial Intelligence: Law And Policy Implications [Edn. 2020]

Artificial Intelligence: Law And Policy Implications [Edn. 2020]


Artificial Intelligence is an important subdivision of Cyber law and is constantly developing in the country. This thoroughly researched handbook discusses the issues associated with Artificial Intelligence involvement at social, institutional and government level. The work is a blend of multi-disciplines like law, Policy, philosophy, social theory and Technology. It brings together, under one roof contributions by scholars in the newly emerging field of artificial intelligence, policy and Law.  The work makes and attempts to address all the unanswered question which are popping up in the field of law, policy and regulation due to fast development of AI in India and globally.

Notable features

  • It address the legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Authors have talked about legal principles and legal frameworks relating to Artificial Intelligence
  • Helps to develops legal reasoning on critical issues in Artificial Intelligence and criminal liability.
  • It discusses all the issues in Artificial Intelligence with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Explains real legal issues that one needs to consider as an AI thinker and legal practitioner.
  • Makes an attempt to legal awareness of Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • Provides clarity on contemporary issues in Artificial Intelligence and law including but not limited to intellectual property, confidentiality, criminal law, Agency and data protection.
  • An asset for research scholars who want to work in the area of AI, policy & law.

Table Of Contents:

Artificial Intelligence-An Overview

 —Aditi Ajay and Akshay Srinivas

The Possibility of Ascribing Legal Personality to AI Systems

—Monidipa Sengupta and Tarique Faiyaz

The Reasonability of A Machine: Liability Conundrum of Artificial Intelligence Under Tort

 —Ashwini Gehlot and Aklovya Panwar

A Paper on Eliminating Bias in Artificial Intelligence

—Srivijay R Sastry and Arjun Kamath

Artificial Intelligence v. Natural (Human) Intelligence― Global Challenge for the Human Rights

 —Shivangi Sinha

Law Relating to Artificial Intelligence: A Study on Governance in India

—N. Venkateshwarlu


—Priyamvada Singh

AI and National Security –Challenges and Advancements

—Simran Kaplish

Artificial Intelligence vis-à-vis IPR Implications: A Case of Indian Context

—Parna Mukherjee and Shreyansh Gaur

Copyright in AI-Generated Works: A Schrödinger’s Cat?

 —Abhishek Kumar Garg and Prachi Jain

Emergence of AI and its Implication Towards Data Privacy: From Indian Legal Perspective

 —Sheshadri Chatterjee

Application of AI in Legal Practice: “locus standi & AI”

—Akash Manwani and Riddhi Pawar Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection—Sowmya Damodaran

AI and its Criminal Liability

—Sadaf Fahim About the Contributors.


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