COVID-19| Petition in SC seeking direction to declare COVID-19 Warriors dying in the line of duty as ‘martyrs’

Supreme Court: The Court has taken cognizance of a letter Petition sent on the Right to Dignity after death of the Doctors/Health Care workers and Police Personnel that have died while discharging their duties amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The letter petition by Advocate Manjunath Kakkalameli urges that the Doctors/Health Care workers and Police Personnel working round the clock to help the country fight with COVID-19, be called ‘COVID-19 Warriors’.

“As to motivate these COVID19 fighters we call them as COVID19Warrior but subsequently when any COVID19 warrior dies on duty fighting against Corona due to COVID19 itself , media reports it as a Doctor or police personnel working on COVID19 frontline dies of CORONA , Which ought to have been reported as One more COVID19 Warrior martyred fighting against COVID” . (sic)

He further submits that States are not respecting the sacrifice of the COVID Warriors and that merely announcing compensation to their kin is not enough.

The petition highlights that the State of Odisha has already set a great example before Union of India by declaring status of martyr to Health Workers & support services who succumbs to COVID-19 in line of duty & by deciding to provide state funeral, full salary their kin.

“If the state of Odisha can declare, give the status of martyr to died COVID19 warriors, why can’t other states & Centre.” (sic)

The petition further states that as the core value of Constitution, right to die with dignity also includes dignity after death & is not only the rights of deceased COVID-19 warriors but fundamental duty of every citizen & State to honor their dedication & sacrificed life and we as state, country falling short to give proper respect, honor to these COVID-19 warriors.

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