An official looking order has been doing the rounds on social media that the Home Department of Jammu & Kashmir has ordered restoration of 4G services. The order dated 27.07.20 is purported to be signed by Shaleen Kabra who is the Principal Secretary to the Government (Home) in J&K. The order states that as schools are closed down due to the COVID situation, access to online classes is a bit hard due to 2G speed. The Secretary being apprised of the situation has ordered restoration of 4G internet. The official looking order can be seen below.

Now let us test the veracity of the claims. The Department of Information and Public Relations, J&K in an article uploaded on on 28.07.2020 has clarified that an order mentioning about the directions to Internet Service Providers for lifting speed related restrictions is under circulation in the social media. This order is fake and no such direction has been issued by the Principal Secretary of the Home department, J & K.[1]

Therefore based on the clarification issued by the Department of Information and Public Relations of J&K, we can safely conclude that the message doing the rounds on social media that 4G services has been restored in Jammu & Kashmir is false.


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