J&K HC | Protection ordered for a woman who converted to Islam, on being subjected to fear psychosis by her relatives

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court

Jammu and Kashmir High Court: Ali Mohammad Magrey, J. addressed a matter wherein a woman who converted from Hinduism to Islam out of her own will was being subjected to serious life threats from her relatives who were creating a fear psychosis in her mind.

Conversion to Islam

Petitioner claimed that she out of her own will converted her religion to Islam on 14-06-2020 and adopted a Muslim name as Fatima and as soon as the relatives of the Petitioner came to know of the same fact they started continuously threatening her to renounce Islam and revert back to her original religion, i.e., Hinduism.

Fear Psychosis

Petitioner has been receiving serious threats from her relatives who are creating a fear psychosis in the mind of the petitioner and have given her ultimatum that in case she would not revert back to Hinduism she would be eliminated.

Protection sought

On seeking protection from SHO, Police nothing substantial was done and the petitioner is still sustaining to live in fear psychosis with non-allowance to freely profess and propagate her religion.

The above results in violation of her fundamental rights.

Court admitted the petition and issue notice to the respondents.

Matter has been listed for 24-08-2020 and till then respondents 1 to 6 have been directed to ensure protection to the life and liberty of the petitioner. [Fatima v. UT of J&K, 2020 SCC OnLine J&K 364  , decided on 20-07-2020]

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