COVID-19 | Suspension of functioning of Delhi High Court & its Subordinate Courts has been extended till 31-07-2020

Suspension of functioning of Delhi High Court and its Subordinate Courts has been extended till 31-07-2020.

Here’s the Court Order:

The Hon’ble Administrative and General Supervision Committee of this Court while considering further extension of suspended functioning of this Court and in view of the prevailing situation of spread of coronavirus (2019-nCOV) pandemic in the NCT of Delhi, in continuation of this Court’s Office orders No.373/Estt./E1/DHC dated 23.03.2020, No.194/RG/DHC/2020 dated 25.03.2020, No.R-43/RG/DHC/2020 dated 15.04.2020, No.R125/RG/DHC/2020 dated 02.05.2020, No.R-201/RG/DHC/2020 dated 16.05.2020, No. R271/RG/DHC/2020 dated 21.05.2020, No.1381/DHC/2020 dated 29.05.2020, No.15/DHC/2020 dated 13.06.2020 and No.21/DHC/2020 dated 29.06.2020 has been pleased to order that the suspended functioning of the High Court of Delhi shall stand extended till 31.07.2020 on the same terms as contained in the Order dated 13.06.2020 of this Court.



Delhi High Court

Notice dt. 14-07-2020

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  • Our cases in District courts are pending for final arguments before lockdown now due to VC hearings matters are being taken up but due to very Poor quality of Connectivity VC System for hearing is getting difficult,Is it compulsary to attend thru VC coz for arguments Physical hearing is a must since cases are in Final stage please advise.

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