To facilitate the Registered Factories under the Factories Act, 1948 during COVID-19 in the state for the purpose of extending working hours from “8 hours per day” to “12 hours per day” and to reduce the requirement of workers in all registered factories, the State Government has exempted the provisions of Working Hours of Adults Workers under the Factories Act, 1948 by order no. F.3 (15)/Legal/F&B/2020/188 dated 11-04-2020 and order no. F.3(15)/Legal/F&B/ 2020/226 dated 24-04-2020.

During COVID-19 at present: –

  • Maximum factories have been started.
  • Workers movement has been started and pass for travel is not required.
  • Public transport has started in most of area such as Green, Orange Zone etc.
  • The instructions/guidelines issued by the GOI/ GOR to the control of COVID-19 like social distancing, wearing masks etc. are being ensured by the factory management and the workers.
  • Workers are fully aware of the effects of COVID-19 and its control measures.

Currently the situation is under control and progressing toward normalcy.

In view of the above points, the order no. F.3(15)/Legal/F&B/2020/188 dated 11-04-2020 and order no. F.3 (15)/Legal/F&B/2020/226 dated 24-04-2020 issued earlier is withdrawn with immediate effect.

Withdrawal Of Order On Extension Of Working Hours In Factories In Rajasthan

Image Credits: The Hindu

Government of Rajasthan

Factories & Boilers Inspection Department

No.. F.3 (15) / Legal / F & B / 2020 /30/

[Order dt. 24-05-2020]

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