Travellers coming to India from international flights have to undergo 14 days quarantine which includes 7 days paid institutional quarantine and 7 days home quarantine. Exemptions have been given to certain categories of passengers in certain cases[1].

For domestic air travel, MHA requires passengers to undergo home quarantine for 14 days[2] however states are free to make their own protocol for passengers entering their state.

The protocol made by states is as follows:

  1. Andhra Pradesh: Passengers travelling to Andhra Pradesh are required to undergo quarantine for 14 days at home or at a government facility. If coming from Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP then 7 days institutional quarantine followed by home quarantine has to be followed[3].
  2. Assam: Assam requires passengers to undergo 7 days institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine[4].
  3. Bihar: Domestic passengers, who are asymptomatic after reaching the airport will not be quarantined[5].
  4. Chandigarh: The Union Territory of Chandigarh requires no quarantine[6].
  5. Chattisgarh: A period of 14 days isolation is required by the state. This could be in a hotel, government facility or at home[7].
  6. Delhi: Asymptomatic passengers have to undergo home isolation for 14 days. Symptomatic passengers will be taken for institutional quarantine[8].
  7. Goa: The Government of Goa has given three options. Produce a COVID negative test from an ICMR authorized lab, get a test done for Rs 2000 or stay in home quarantine after being stamped[9].
  8. Haryana: The Gurgaon administration mandates 14 day home quarantine[10].
  9. Himachal Pradesh: In Himachal Pradesh, it is mandatory to undergo 14 days institutional quarantine for those who are coming from the red zone.[11] Passengers from the green/orange zone will be sent to home quarantine after screening[12].
  10. Jammu and Kashmir: Passengers are required to undergo 14 days of institutional quarantine after a compulsory COVID Test.[13]
  11. Jharkhand: 14 days home quarantine is mandatory.[14]
  12. Karnataka: Karnataka had made different rules for people coming from different states. Passengers coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have to undergo 7 day institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home isolation. Passengers coming from other states have to quarantine at home for 14 days.[15]
  13. Kerala: Kerala requires incoming passengers to undergo 14 day isolation at home from the date of arrival.[16]
  14. Madhya Pradesh: In MP, passengers showing symptoms will be sent to either COVID care centre or dedicated COVID-19 hospital or institutional quarantine facility for 10 days.[17] After 10 days, if such a passenger shows no symptoms for another three days then the person can be discharged but will have to stay in home quarantine for 7 days.[18]
  15. Maharashtra: Passengers are required to undergo 14 day home isolation.[19]
  16. Mizoram: Covid test and mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Permission has to be taken before returning to the state.[20]
  17. Nagaland: For passengers from green and orange zones, 14 days home quarantine is required. For passengers returning from red zones, 14 days institutional quarantine followed by 14 days home quarantine is required.[21]
  18. Odisha:  Those returning to urban areas will undergo home isolation for 14 days. Those returning to rural areas will undergo 7 days institutional isolation and 7 days home isolation.[22]
  19. Punjab: The state of Punjab requires travellers to undergo 14 day home isolation[23]
  20. Rajasthan: Home quarantine for 14 days has to be followed.[24]
  21. Tamil Nadu: 14 days isolation at home[25]. Institutional quarantine for those who don’t have this facility at home. Passengers coming to Tamil Nadu have to obtain an e-pass.[26]
  22. Telangana: Symptomatic passengers would be taken to Covid hospital, rest can go home.[27]
  23. Uttar Pradesh: UP mandates 14 days home quarantine. Those who are on business visit are exempted but they have to give details of the place where they will be staying and can stay upto 7 days. The passengers coming to UP also need to register. The details are given in the footnote below.[28]
  24. Uttarakhand: Passengers will be kept in institutional quarantine for a time period as specified by state govt unless they show symptoms which require quarantine in medical facilities.[29]
  25. West Bengal: Asymptomatic passengers can self quarantine at home for 14 days and symptomatic passengers will be tested and taken to institutional centres[30].
  26. Lakshadweep: People returning to Lakshadweep will be quarantined in Kochi, Kerala for 7 days. This will be followed by testing and on testing negative the passengers will be allowed to return. On returning to the island, they will again be quarantined for 14 days.[31]
  27. Dadar and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu: Institutional quarantine for 14 days.[32]
  28. Andaman and Nicobar: Only symptomatic passengers will need to undergo quarantine in COVID care centres.[33]
  29. Meghalaya: All passengers will be tested and kept in institutional quarantine upto 48 hours till results come.[34]

The rules will keep getting added and modified as states update their rules.


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