Ankitashri Tripathi, final year student at Institute of Law, Nirma University on being selected at LSE and QMUL. She has been interviewed by EBC/SCC Online Student Ambassador Akshita Totla who is pursuing law from Institute of Law, Nirma University.

1.Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Being from a family of lawyers and social workers, I was brought up in an environment that valued societal development and progressive change. This background enabled me to develop a sensitive and multidimensional approach to legal understanding. I see myself as a believer of experiences and ideologies equipped with self-conscience.I aim to contribute in not just the area of law but to the society as a whole, which I think is not only my duty but a process of bringing value to my existence.

2. How do you feel about getting selected for both the London School of Economics and Political Science and Queen Mary University, London? Where will you choose to go and on what basis?

It is indeed a great feeling to get selected for such world-renowned institutions. Both the institutions have their unique and amazing curriculum with a strongr esearch base, and an opportunity to study in any of these institutions is a great privilege. However, when it comes to choosing between them, I would choose the London School of Economics. The reason for going with LSE is its focus on interdisciplinary approaches and exceptional course module like Constitutional theory, critical perspective of legal theory, with which I hope to form a bridge between what I have learned during my undergraduate studies and what I want to achieve during and after my LL.M.

3. Tell us about the program you will pursue.

I want to pursue legal theory as my specialisation during LL.M. Philosophizing the context of legal understanding is one of the major components of the legal theory. I believe, reading the text through its juristic point of view provides purpose construction and understanding, which also helps for its better implementation. I being a law student have always fascinated about reading and understanding the contextual and liberal construction of law. This somehow developed a sense of theoretical and philosophical perspective in me, which motivated me to pursue this subject.

4. How should an aspiring student go about the application process? Did you try for scholarship? Tell us about the intricacies of scholarship.

With so many options of available colleges across the countries, the first thing a student is required to focus is on streamlining the interest areas. Once the interest areas are identified, then an applicant must prepare a list of colleges that offer specialisation in the course of his/her interest and prepare SOPs for different colleges according to their specific requirements. About scholarships, in my case, I have applied for a few, and their results shall be coming soon. If someone is expecting financial support, he/she should give equal preference to LL.M application and the scholarship application. The applicant must keep a tab on various scholarships that are offered for their respective courses. This includes internal (provided by universities) as well as external scholarships/ funding.

5. What are your plans at the university you choose? What are the future plans after the Masters?

Legal research and study in legal theory/ jurisprudence have paved my way towards my ultimate goal to contribute to society significantly. I wish to do an extensive doctrinal study of legal theory and its normative principles. Such exposure, I believe, will facilitate me to contribute to academia to the best of my capability. The corroboration of my previous studies with the LL.M. will provide a strong foundation and specialised outlook towards legal theory, which will supplement my doctoral education (PhD) in the future. My long term goal is to work in the area of legal jurisprudence and its intervention with interpretative methodology and research. At this level, I wish to do an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the interpretation of the statute.

6. In your opinion, what are the skills that a student should work upon in contemporary times?

Success only comes with a combination of skills and naming a few skills can be tricky because it’s so subjective. However, in my view,detail-oriented, creativity and communication skills are the three vital skills, which holds great significance in the present era.

7. How has ILNU helped you in honing your skill-set?

Time spent as a student in the institute has provided me with a conducive environment which in turn allowed me to think more productively.  Not only has the college helped me to determine whether or not my intended career is the right fit, but at the same time exposed me to new people, ideas and topics. I am very thankful to this institution in laying such a strong foundation for my legal journey.

8. What advice would you like to give to an aspiring Masters student?

Permanence, perseverance, and persistence despite all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities is something which distinguishes an extraordinary applicant from an ordinary applicant. LL.M. application process at times can be very lengthy and tedious. But, if one can maintain calm and composure at this stage, it will help and enable students to achieve the desired results.Moreover, proper planning, time management coupled with extensive research of different college requirement is something which makes an LL.M. application stand out from others.

9. Which other universities did you apply for?

I applied to New York University apart from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Queen Mary University, London.

10. How did you plan your Statement of Purpose? Please share some tips for a successful application.

Before writing a Statement of Purpose, an applicant must prepare a questionnaire consisting of various dimensions like family background, personality, educational background, academic experience and any other relevant experience. This will provide a holistic and detailed overview of a specific career path. Once an applicant has completed this stage, he/ she should focus his/her attention towards the unique characteristic of the respective colleges and traits that attracts his/her attention and should highlight the same while writing the statement of purpose. In this way, the applicant will be able to write tailored SOP for different colleges, and that is something that will make his/her SOP stand out from others. Although, a good CV holds immense significance in any LL.M. application, but a well-written SOP undoubtedly gives an applicant edge and puts him/her in an advantageous position.

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