Resolutions undertaken by the Committees constituted for suggesting preventive and remedial measures for combating the impending threat of Corona Virus (COVID-19) was approved by the Chief Justice vide His Lordship’s order dated 16.03.2020.

With prior approval of the Chief Justice the aforesaid order dated 16.03.2020, stands modified in following terms:

1. No manual gate pass for entry in High Court premises shall be issued, until further orders.

2. Only the Advocates whose cases are to be taken up, alone may appear to avoid crowding in the High Court premises, until further orders.

3. Till further orders, only e-gate passes will be issued to Advocates, therefore, those Advocates alone, whose cases are to be taken up, may apply online for the e-gate pass.

4. No e-gate pass / manual gate pass will be issued to the litigants and visitors, until further orders.

5. That employees and Advocates shall be granted entry in the High Court premises only after thermal scanning.

6. That the Advocates will advise their clients not to visit the High Court unless their presence is directed by the Court.

7. That Courts shall not insist for personal presence of parties unless it is unavoidable. Further, the personal presence, which has already been fixed, are deferred.

8. That all the mediation proceedings shall remain suspended. The proceedings, in which the date is fixed, shall be given next date. 9. That the Advocates’ Canteen as well as Bar Association meeting halls shall remain closed till further orders. However, their cleaning and sanitization shall be ensured on daily basis.

10. That no vendor shall be permitted to bring any beverages and food items inside the Court premises till further orders.

11. That the Chief Medical Officer be requested to ensure that Doctors / Medical Personnels in adequate number are deployed on each entry point along with Thermal Imaging Devices to ensure that no person (Employee / Advocate etc.) having fever / symptoms of Corona Virus enters in the High Court. If any such person is found, he/she be denied entry in the High Court and follow up action for his treatment to be taken.

12. That the Hon’ble Judges, employees and Advocates will ensure leaving the High Court premises by 04:00 p.m.

13. That all Members of the Registry and each and every employee of all Cadres (Class I, II, III & IV) working in High Court, Allahabad and Lucknow Bench will intimate immediately : (i) If he/she feels that symptoms of Corona Virus are present in him / her. (ii) If symptoms of Corona Virus manifests / appears in any of his / her family member(s). (iii) If any guest / visitor visits his / her residence from any of the country affected by Corona Virus. (iv) If he /she has visited any country affected by Corona Virus in last 15 days. Such employees will be required to furnish information on the above mentioned point(s) immediately, failure of which would entail Disciplinary Proceedings against the concerned.

14. That steps be taken for ensuring that the Driver Jamadar & Shadow/Gunner attached with the Hon’ble Judge are scanned on daily basis for the Corona Virus.

15. That only three gates be earmarked for entry in the High Court premises at Allahabad.

16. That the Hon’ble Judges be requested to carry their personal belongings (Spectacles, Mobile Phones, etc.) themselves and not to hand over the same to their personal staff.

17. That the museum of the High Court shall remain closed until further orders.

18.Necessary directions earlier issued with regard to combating impending threat of Corona Virus (COVID-19) shall also be applicable. Immediate steps be taken to execute the resolution aforesaid.

Allahabad High Court

[Notice dt. 10-04-2020]

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