In order to have effective control and containment over spread of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), the following instructions are issued to be observed in the premises of all the subordinate courts of Rajasthan:-

  1. Public gatherings in the premises of all the subordinate courts be avoided as far as possible. No function or other event of mass gathering shall be permitted in the court premises.
  2. The subordinate courts should not insist on the presence of the parties unless it is very essential and unavoidable. The requests for personal exemption of accused/complainant witnesses/parties be accordingly considered and adverse orders may be avoided for their absence.
  3. As far as possible, remand of all the prisoners be given only through video conferencing and overcrowding in the lockup be avoided.
  4. Mediation proceedings be held only in urgent matters.
  5. All the learned members of Bar be requested to advise their clients not to visit the court premises unless it is very essential and unavoidable.
  6. In all the court rooms and offices, chairs, tables, gates, railings and other things be disinfected regularly at least twice a day by mopping through 1% hypochlorite.
  7. The State Government has appointed Nodal Officers in each District for effective control over spread of Corona Virus. In coordination with these Nodal officers, paramedical personnel be deployed in all the court complexes for primary medical check-up of the entrants of court premises so that appropriate steps for suspected infectants may be timely taken up.

    8. Court staff suffering from cold/cough or sneezing would be instructed to strictly follow the medical advice.

  9. All concerned shall also ensure the preventive and remedial measures as instructed or advised by the Central/State Governments and other competent authorities from time to time.

This Circular shall remain in force till further orders.

Rajasthan High Court

[Circular dt. 15-03-2020]

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