GNLU Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (GCESD) is one of the Centre of excellence under the umbrella of Gujarat National Law University. The Centre aims to provide information infrastructure in the specific areas covered under environmental issues and sustainable development.

The Centre has initiated research for publication wherein, it intends to bring out thematic publications. The first thematic manuscript is titled ”Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance”.

Decentralisation is a process through which authority and responsibility for some functions are transferred from the Central Government to local Governments, communities and the private sector. This process involves that decentralised institutions, either local offices of Central Government or local private and civil organisations (entrepreneurs, farmers, communities, associations, etc.) be provided with a higher power in policymaking and decision-making. Thus, decentralised environmental governance aims to redistribute power, authority, accountability, resources and inclusion of local people to reduce the effect of climate change and to solve various environmental problems.

This edited book is organised into three main sections: the first introduces the consequences of man-made interventions to environment and approach of Government to mitigate it (Chapters 1-5). The second provides a background to decentralised environmental governance and emergence of the policies, laws and regulations towards efficient environment protection (Chapters 6-9). The third section emphasizes and highlights the future of solar energy in India as an inventive step towards efficient environment protection (Chapters 10-15).

We believe that this edited book will be useful not only to the scientific community but also to others who are involved in policy making.

*Get Your Copy here: Environmental Law: Decentralised Environmental Governance

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