The history of our race, of the civilizations is incomplete without the history of law. The study of the legal history is significant because the best thoughts of people living in society are found in the legislations they make; their daily life is best mirrored in the usages and customs, which constitute the law of their ordinary transactions.

Cities of India: A Legal History is an attempt to explore application of law at the metropolis level. The book includes analysis of legal institutions, eminent jurists, and the effect of law on people and society.

Knowing the legal history of a place is fascinating as well as informative to trace the sustainability of law at a lower level. Furthermore, legal developments at a particular place help in understanding the social perceptions and changes in society over a period of time and its interplay with law.

The book covers political and judicial administration with a blend and influence of customs at the city/district level and provides quantifiable information on first instance required to create a holistic understanding of law governing mechanism at second and third tier of judicial set up. The book details the legal system of Baroda, Jodhpur, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Borawar, Delhi, Jaipur, Surat, Madras and Gurgaon and provides insight into legislature, judiciary, role of religion and customs of the cities.

The book will prove to be useful for students, academicians, researchers, historians and anyone who want a deeper insight into the legal history of Cities of India. The book will definitely be a prized collection for any library.

Table of Contents

1. Legal History of Princely state of Gujarat: Baroda

 Dr Richa Mulchandani Vinita Chaudhary Nitish Sirohi

2. Tracing the Legal History of Jodhpur

Harshita Rathore Vagmi

3. A reminiscent Memoir of the Legal History of Varanasi

Sujoy Sur

4. Legal History of Ahmedabad

Sanjana Bafna Juhi Nainani

5. Prohibition: A Legal Aspect of the History of Ahmedabad

Sanjana Somani Saumyata Panwar

6. Legal History of Borawar

Sanjay Sanel

7. Women empowerment in Light of the Legal History of New Delhi

Sudipta Purkayastha

8. Understanding the Judicial History of Jaipur with Insight of Mr S.R. Bhansali

Aditi Lodha

9. Crime and Punishment in Jaipur City

Anindhya Gupta

10. Legal History of Surat

Mira Subramaniam

11. Labour Law History of Surat

Priya Das

12. Legal History of Madras

Dr Richa Mulchandani  Nikita Appaswami

13. Legal History of Gurgaon, Haryana

Akarshita Dhawan

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Cities of India: A Legal History

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