Latest Volume of — Human Rights Law Journal, NLUO, published! [Vol. IV, September 2019]



Trafficking of Women and Children: Vulnerability Compounded by Discrimination

Aruna Sri Lakshmi

Right to Health and Healthcare Facilities: An Unrecognised Right among the Tribes (A Case of Malda District: West Bengal, India)

Arpita Ghosh

Making a Case for Reproductive Choice Through Civil and Political Rights: An International and Comparative Analysis

Charvi Kumar

A Perspective on Access to Financial Services as a Human Right

Rajat Solanki & Nidhi Chauhan

India’s Indigenous People and Their Collective Human Rights

Apala Goswami & Rashmi Shukla

Need for Paradigm Shift for Gender Neutrality & Gender Justice

Neha Jain & Sambhav Jain

Insensitivity of Judiciary in Rape Cases: Marriage  Helping in Acquittals

Navya Singh

Case comment

Transgender Jurisprudence – NALSA and Beyond

Kumar Satyam

Solemnizing Love that Dare not be Named: Comment on Arunkumar & Sreeja v. Inspector General of Registration and Others

Nauman Beig & Tanvi Mate

Book Review

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them

Sudeep Sudhakaran

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