A Tribute to Madhava Menon

Upendra Baxi

The Light is Gone: Individuals do bring out change

Faizan Mustafa

N.R. Madhava Menon: A Legal Luminary and Conservative Humanist

Ajay Gudavarthy


Indian and Australian Constitutionalism, Judicial Values and Our Better Angels

Michael Kirby AC CMG

Menonisation of Indian Legal Education: A Tribute

Krishan Mahajan

Cause Lawyering in India: Still a Distant Dream

Yogesh Pratap Singh

Village Courts’ Deliberations  Tribute to Madhava Menon

Nachiketa Mittal

Cause Lawyering for Protecting Public Health Interests in India: Contributions, Challenges and Way Forward

Amit Yadav & Nisha Yadav


Globalising the Indian Legal Education System

Faizanur Rahman & Mohd Amir

Essence of Client Interviewing

P.R. Kalidhass

Case Comments

Stabilising “Access to Justice” as a Fundamental Right
[A Comment on Anita Kushwaha v. Pushap Sudan]

Ashit Kumar Srivastava

Evolving Jurisprudence for Friends Beyond Species through Cause Lawyering [A Comment on Govt. of Tamil Nadu v. Animal Welfare Board of India]

Sohini Mahapatra

Restabilising Gender Parity [A Comment on Indian Young Lawyers Association v. State of Kerala]

Pallab Das

Book Review

Kristi Holsinger, Teaching Justice: Solving Social Justice Problems through University Education

Nidhi Chauhan & Rajat Solanki

Must Watch

maintenance to second wife

bail in false pretext of marriage

right to procreate of convict

Criminology, Penology and Victimology book release

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