4th GNLU Annual Legal Services Forum | March 21-22, 2020

The GNLU Legal Services Forum is the annual flagship event organized by the Legal Services Committee under the aegis of the Centre for Law and Society. It aims to facilitate deliberation, collaboration and contribution by Legal Aid Committees of law schools, NGOs, PLVs and Legal Services Authority across India to achieve the objective of providing free and competent legal services to the underprivileged by sharing their unique experiences. The 4th edition of the GLSF organized in collaboration with UNICEF shall witness a series of lectures by various experts, lawyers, academicians and professionals on effective community engagement to bring about positive societal change. This series of lectures will be followed by a deliberation on impediments faced in providing legal aid, the objective of this deliberation will be to come up with a road map to improve legal aid mechanism. The methodology followed in the sessions will be more practical-oriented so as to groom law students and young lawyers to take up more pro bono cases and engage actively in community engagement exercises. The underlying idea of the GLSF is to enable students, PLVs to understand nuances of civic engagement and apprising them about practical realities faced while providing legal aid.  For more details of the grant, please click on the following URL: click HERE

The 4th GLSF will also witness project presentations by legal aid clinics competing for the “GNLU Legal Services Funding Grant”. The GNLU Legal Services Funding Grant is a first of its kind initiative by an Indian University. Established in the 3rd GLSF, it seeks to honour and support impactful and meaningful social-legal initiatives by Legal Services Committees (LSC)/ Legal Aid Clinics (LAC) in law schools across India. The Grant aims to nurture legal aid clinics engaging in effective legal aid work across law universities in India. For more details of the grant, please click on the following URL: click HERE


1. Students, faculty members, academicians and legal services committees or legal aid clinics are eligible to take part in the Forum.

2. Legal services committees and legal aid clinics may nominate two representatives for the Forum. Individual participation is also allowed.

3. Register by filling the following form –click HERE 

4. Registration closes on February 16, 2020.

5. Registration fee (inclusive of accommodation) is as follows:
For LSC/LAC: INR 2,000
For Individuals: INR 1,500

6. A link for payment of the Registration fee will be emailed to the participants upon registration through the above Google form.


MS. DISHA DEVADAS, STUDENT CONVENER, GLSC, +91 9408163 18 devadasdisha@gmail.com
MR. ZAID DEVA, STUDENT CONVENER, GCLS, +91 9419061802 deva.zaid@outlook.com
MR. JAYADITYA MALLIK, STUDENT CONVENER, GCLS, + 91 9909964944 jayaditya.m@gmail.com
MR. HEMANDU ASWAL, CO-CONVENER, GCLS, +91 9414011181 shrutihemandu@gmail.com

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