Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal declares “Sikhs For Justice” as an “Unlawful Association”.

The Tribunal under sub-section (3) of Section 4 of the Act is required to decide whether or not there is sufficient cause for declaring the Association to be unlawful, based on the material placed before it.

It has been stated that the respondent claims to be an advocacy group based in New York, USA and also maintains its offices in Canada and the UK. Their modules and activities in India are being operated by their foreign-based handlers, for which reliance is placed on the FIRs registered in India. The respondent Association is claimed to be propagating Referendum 2020 on social media as well as on-ground and has also launched the website www.referendum2020.org which is replete with pro-Khalistani posts and anti-India insinuations. The website propagates the right of self-determination under International Law for the people of Punjab.

The activities of the association have been highlighted and the cumulative result of their acts are stated to be an effort to undermine the territorial integrity of India while inciting disaffection amongst the Sikh community towards the Indian government and the Indian State.

It is clear that the unlawful activities of the respondent Association are disruptive in character and threaten the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of India. 

Evidence brought on record also proves that the respondent Association is working in collusion with anti-India entities and forces to fulfill their objectives by indulging in unlawful activities. Thus, the Central Government had ‘sufficient cause’ to take action under Sections 3(1) and 3(3) of the Act for declaring Sikhs For Justice as an ‘unlawful association’.

+ Please refer to the Order for the above here: Order

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