Supreme Court: Two days after a senior lawyer walked out of his courtroom when warned of contempt, Justice Arun Mishra on Thursday said “arrogance” should go
from some members of the bar, otherwise, it will become very difficult for the judiciary to perform its functions.

“Arrogance should go from some members of the bar otherwise how will the judiciary perform its functions,”

The remarks were made by Justice Mishra after the Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record Association on Wednesday passed a resolution requesting him to be “a little
more patient in dealing with lawyers.”

Without referring to any particular incident or individual, Justice Mishra said as part of normal practice in his life,

“If anyone is hurt, even an animal or tree I am ready for an apology. In a real sense, I apologise to any living creature if I had caused harm to anyone.”

In reference to the incident where the lawyer walked out of his court, Justice Mishra said he was warned of contempt as he was making comments related to the conduct of the judiciary and taking names of his seniors. He was not asked to stop or not to argue and just told that if he made such remarks again, contempt would be drawn against him.

The Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record Association had, in the resolution, said,

“Several members of the bar have repeatedly been raising such grievance about the unwarranted treatment and passing personal remarks by Hon’ble Justice Arun Mishra. We request Hon’ble Justice Arun Mishra to be little more patient in dealing with lawyers,”

It further added that the duty to maintain dignity and decorum of the Court is cast upon both lawyers and judges.

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