Divyanshu Sinha and Adwiteya Grover on winning a gold medal in the mediation category and a silver in the mediation advocacy  category in the first International Mediation Competition Singapore (IMSG). They have been interviewed by EBC/SCC Online Student Ambassador Vijaya Singh Gautam.

  1. Please introduce yourself to the readers?

We are Divyanshu Sinha and Adwiteya Grover,5th year students at Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law,Punjab. Both of us are very fond of participating in extracurricular activities apart from our regular academics specially moot court and Alternate Dispute Resolution) competitions.

  1. What has motivated you to participate in this competition and tell us more about this competition?

ADR is one of the most trending filed on the legal front.This was the first mediation competition that we had participated in.. The competition had national rounds, which were the qualifier for the international rounds that took place in Singapore at the NUS campus.We happened to be the winners of the national rounds and could consequently participate in the international rounds.

The international competition had five rounds in totality with each team participating in all the rounds. The final result was based upon the cumulative scores of each successive round

  1. What was  your  strategy  for  preparing  for  this  competition?

We had a professional coach hired for the competition who continuously assisted us prepare with the nitty-gritties of the competition. We  roughly had a time span of three months to prepare for the international rounds.

Since, not much material is available on mediation,  we prepared from the recorded videos of the mediation competitions available online. We even took help from teams who had participated in similar competitions.

Also, the feedback from the assessors of the competition helped us improve for our subsequent rounds in the competition.

  1. What are your future goals? How do you feel has this competition has impacted on your future aspirations?

Divyanshu : I plan to pursue my masters (LLM) in the field of ADR, and the competition has acted as an impetus in the furtherance of my goals and I believe that the experience of the same  shall be beneficial for me.

Adwiteya : I also want to pursue an LLM  in the field of taxation and in the long run take up litigation.

  1. What according to you is the importance of researching for a law student?

The field of researching enables the student to garner more and more information on a particular topic and helps in learning more than what one does through class room discussions.

  1. Message to the readers!

We would like to suggest that the students should participate in all sorts of competitions they come across in their law school lives.It is only through experience that one can decide the future course of action and such competitions not only  develop students  professionally but also individually.

Such competitions also provide us with a fair idea of what the actual practice in a  particular field would be like in the real life.

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