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UPES is ecstatic with the excitement of TECHNOLAWGY’s IV National Techno-Legal Moot court competition; participating teams from all across the country have arrived and can hardly contain their excitement for this annual event.

UPES wishes good luck to all the participants yet strongly believes that winning has value for EGO but participation has value for LIFE. We hope that the event teaches them all the essential skills that would surely aid their professional life and enormously help their comprehension of techno-legal issues.

In keeping with the tradition, the media team will provide you with updates in real time about moot related developments.

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Day 1: 25th September 2019

The IV National Techno-legal Moot Court Competition will witness the participation of teams from 10 leading law schools from across the country. Like previous editions the moot will be judged by a stellar pool of judges which will include legal practitioners excelling in the field of corporate law, litigation, academia, etc. and will serve as a unique opportunity for students to showcase their understanding of corporate and commercial laws before them.

It aims to provide a platform for law students to learn about the rich and complex field of Indian corporate law and sharpen their advocacy skills.

Memorial exchange is scheduled at 12:00 AM after which the researchers will have to gear up for the researcher’s test. On  26th September after the preliminary rounds selected teams will proceed to the Quarter-Finals. The Semi-Finals and the Finals will be held on 27th September.

12:30 PM

Opening ceremony has began. with lightening of lamp and Sarasvati vandana.

01:00 PM

Exchange of memorials has commenced.

02:00 PM

Researcher’s test has commenced and is currently in progress.

We promise to keep you posted with the latest updates here starting on 8th March. So, stay tuned!!

Day 2: 26th September 2019

9:30 AM
Good morning folks! It’s a beautiful morning in Dehradun. Volunteers have started arriving and have started with setting things up.

9:50 AM
All the judges have arrived and they are being briefed right now. The prelims will be commencing shortly.

10:30 AM

Participants have arrived in their respective courtrooms. Matchups will begin shortly.

11:00 AM

The judges briefing has ended. As the competition gets tougher the day will witness the knockout stages of the tournament where teams will battle it out in the finals and the Quarter finals to emerge victorious.

11:30 AM

The preliminary rounds are in full swing! The first speaker from the Informants side has begun with her deliberations. The panel is very attentively listening to the contentions raised.

All the Moot Courts are now in session! It’s a new day the battle between teams continues. It seems like each team is putting its best feet forward to bring home the beacon.

1:00 PM

We have started with the Second Preliminary round. Teams look Confident and are already discussing strategies!

16:00 PM

As soon as the quarter rounds commences there is enormous amount of tension on the faces of participants as they wait for their turn to speak before the judges.

16:30 PM

The rounds continue, and the teams are putting forward their best game. The participants stick on to one thing in their minds ” It’s not time for mistakes”.

17:00 PM

Quarterfinal rounds are concluded. Results shall be declared shortly.

Participant proceed for High Tea

17:15 PM
Here are few glimpses of judges felicitation.
17:30 PM
The result has been declared. Teams who have qualified for Semi-Finals are team TN-06, TN-08, TN-09, and TN-10.
Congratulations to all the Teams.
See you all tomorrow for the finals. Stay tuned!!!

Day 3: 27th September 2019

09:15 AM
Good morning folks!
The D DAY! So after a long and tiring day, all the teams had quite a fun night. And that was actually needed to get recharged for day 3!
09:30 AM
We’re all excited for Semis and Finals. Teams and the Judges shall be arriving shortly.
Judges’ orientation is scheduled at 9:45 AM and Semis shall commence at 10:00. We’ll update you shortly.
09:45 AM
The esteemed Judges have arrived and the briefing is underway.
10:00 AM
The semi-final rounds have commenced! The judges for these rounds are:
Courtroom 1- Mr. Radheshyam Prasad and Mr. Amit Singh
Courtroom 2- Swati Bajaj and Vikram Seth.
10:30 AM
The live-blogging team will be bringing you thrilling updates about the progress of the teams, so keep checking here for more. 

The Semi-Finals are currently underway. The teams are engaged in fierce argumentation before an eminent panel of judges in both courtrooms. Here, take a glimpse at the rounds.

I must say as it’s the semi-finals it’s not just the competition is getting intense but the motions are also getting tougher and tougher.


12:15 PM
Semi Finals has been officially concluded. Results shall be announced shortly.

Participants and judges are heading for lunch.

12:50 PM
After establishing their ‘dominant position’ in this relevant mooting market, the following two teams will battle it out in the Finale of the IV National Technolegal Moot Court Competition 2019:
1. Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.
2. Christ school of law Bangalore.
The Memorials will be exchanged between the finalists soon. May the best market player win the battle.
01:15 PM

After the exciting semifinals rounds, we are here with the finals. The two teams which have qualified for finals are ready to present their best.

02:00 PM

The esteemed Judges have arrived. The Participants have settled down. The audience is jam packed to witness the battle between the best. 1st Speaker of the Petitioners moves to the podium.

02:45 PM

Petitioners are done with there rebuttals. Respondents have started with rebuttals. We are finally done with the Final Round. Teams are now waiting for their feedback.

We’ll soon be back with the Valedictory ceremony and the results of IV edition of National Techno-legal Moot Court Competition.

Don’t let the excitement Subside.


03:00 PM

our judges for the day are:

Mrs. Rukma George

Mr. Ishan George

Mr. Vinish Singla

Mr. Rahul Sharma

Mr. Pankaj Tewai

The live-blogging team will be bringing you the results soon, so keep checking here for more.

3:35 PM

We are finally done with the Final Round. Teams are now waiting for their feedbacks.

Valedictory Ceremony

All the participants and judges are gathered in the Auditorium for the Valedictory Ceremony,

Here are the results of the award ceremony.

The winners of the IV National Techno-legal Moot Court Competition are –

*drum roll*

Christ School of Law, Bangalore.

The award for the best Researcher goes to Neeraja  Seshadri, Christ school of law, Bangalore

The award for best Speaker goes to Saumya Giri, RMLNLU, Lucknow

The award for best Memorial goes to Symbiosis school of law, Hyderabad

1st Runner up- Symbiosis school of law , Hyderabad


We also thanks our knowledge partners, SCC Online for their support.


04:00 PM

The IV National Techno-legal Moot Court Competition, 2019 has officially concluded.

Congratulations to the winner and greetings to every team that participated. It’s been a wonderful journey. We look forward to hosting you all in the 5th edition of NTLMCC. Kudos to the every organizing team members of right from the convener to the volunteers. Cheers guys we made it.

The Media Team would like to extend it’s gratitude to Photographer of TECHNOLAWGY, who graciously volunteered to take photographs for the competition, Harsh Vardhan Chaturvedi, for all the pictures and media.

For further updates keep visiting our facebook.

We’ll be back next year bigger and better.

Your bloggers for the day were Kanupriya Agrawal and Gunjan Garg.

We, the Media Team, are officially signing off!

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