New Issue of CMET [Vol 5 2018] published

Table of Contents

  • Character Merchandising: From Mickey Mouse to Chhota Bheem

— Sugandha Chowdhry & Abhishresth Goswami

  • Claiming A Fintech Patent Relying on the Use of The Blockchain Technology as One of Its Essential Components: Role of Free and Open Source Software in Claiming Such Patent- A Global Legal Perspective

— Pranav Rai & Kshitij Kumar Rai

  • Colour Marks in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: An Analysis from I and Competition Perspective

— Aanchal Kesari & Tanisha Agarwal

  • Behavioural Advertising and Data Protection

— Pallavi Khanna

  • An Immediate Panacea For Patentee: Establishment of Prima Facie Case

— Deepriya Snehi & Sadeeq Sherwani

  • Right not to be Mimicked

— Teeshta Bissa & Shishira Prakash

  • Scanning Your Way In: An Analysis of Legal Framework Around Collection and Treatment of Biometric Data

— Arushi Gupta & Sanchit

  • The World of Carry on and Dojinshi: An Analysis in Light of Copyright Issues

— Priyanka Sunjay

  • Data Localisation & Enforcement of the Right to Privacy

— Vishal Rakhecha & Chittkrishna Thakkar

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