NUALS | International Seminar on ‘Changing Contours of Economic Reforms – Impact on Emerging Economies

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) invites application for presenting papers its three day international seminar on ‘Changing Contours of Economic Reforms – Impact on Emerging Economies’ proposed to be held during 16-18 October, 2019, at NUALS Campus, Kochi, Kerala, India.

The Seminar
Titled ‘Changing Contours of Economic Reforms- Impact on Emerging Economies’, the seminar intends to focus on the legal, political, social, economical, cultural and environmental impact of the major economic reforms that is happening across the various economies in the world today. The conflicting pull between the forces of globalisation and protectionism that is the hallmark of today’s world portending a global trade war and consequent recession threatens the nations, big or small. Most economies are now no longer insulated to withstand such churning without having adverse consequences to their people. The seminar intends to provide a platform for articulation
of the various challenges in the different fields that affect the daily life of people like education, labour, governance, etc., so that issues of global and national interest can be identified and possible solutions explored. For ease of understanding the complex challenges, this interdisciplinary seminar is intended to be held with diverse themes, each pertaining to a different field but facing a similar set of challenges.

For more details, refer CPSLR Seminar Draft 3

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