Legislative Backing for Augmentation of Ease of Doing Business in India – Special Reference to Corporate and Insolvency Legislation in India

by Mamata Biswal___________ 1

Politics in Global Currency Regulations: IMF & WTO Cooperation in the Light of Currency Dispute Between USA And China

by Ajit Kaushal_______________ 17

When Ethnic Minorities Divorce in Multicultural Britain: A Survey of Legal Challenges with a Focus on the South Asian Experience

by Anirudh Belle______________ 34

Conflicting Rights of Secured Creditors and Tenants under the SARFAESI Act-Ambiguity Resolved: A Critical Analysis

by Garima Goswami__________ 62

Countering the Naxalite Movement in the State of West Bengal: An Approach by the present Government

by Arpon Sarki _______________ 82

Suicide in India: A Socio-Legal Perspective

by Saurabh Anand ___________ 96

The De Soto Theory, Digitization of Land Records in India and its Implications on the Poor

by P. Avinash Reddy__________ 120

Legal Origin, Growth and Financial Market Development: Comparative Perspective

by Abhishar Vidyarthi ___________137

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