JGU | Padmashri Geeta Chandran’s ANEKANTA to be held on April 17, 2019

The Office of Student Life and Cultural Engagement (SLCE) at Jindal Global announced that the renowned dance exponent Padmashri Geeta Chandran will be performing ANEKANTA, her latest cutting edge choreography at the JGU campus on 17th April, 2019 at 7:30 pm. The performance is a contemporary revision of the repertoire of the classical form and will see a group of eight professional dancers from her company, Natya Vriksha perform the piece.

Geeta Chandran is the founder-president and artistic director of her dance academy, Natya-Vriksha, which is known for the high aesthetic quality of its group presentations that showcase Chandran’s oeuvre as a choreographer. ANEKANTA aspires to bring valuable oxygen to the larger public discourse on identity. Rooted in the Jaina Philosophy, ANEKANTA recognizes that there are multiple realities to every issue. It is a powerful artistic statement that celebrates acceptance of multiple truths, embracing diversity and universal acceptance.

The production has been created using the traditional compositions, skillfully woven together to represent the philosophy of ANEKANTA through the conceptual apparatus of the rhythms and body movements of Bharatanatyam. The performance views dramatic dance strategies like an Alarippu presented in three speeds, exploring Grihabheda in Movement, finding linkages between sound and silence, the many roopas of Devi, and of a little known viswaroopa of Vishnu that Arjuna encounters in the forests of Orissa and realizes that the Navagunjara’s parts add up to the whole!

Music for ANEKANTA is designed by Geeta Chandran in close collaboration with K. Venkateshwaran and Dr. S. Vasudevan. This lyrical music-scape is further enhanced with rhythmic inputs by (late) K. Sivakumar and Lalgudi Sri Ganesh adding verve and vibrancy to the production. The performance has been guided by the intellectual inputs from scholar-author Sudhamahi Regunathan, who is a renowned Jaina scholar.

This is a path-breaking dance performance choreographed and directed by the inimitable Geeta Chandran and presented by Natya Vriksha, one of the leading classical dance company of India.

Please see the trailer of the performance here:  https://youtu.be/zjYL_vuF4g4.

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