JGU | Week long celebration of theatre and music

Jindal Global University has always prided itself in providing a world- class learning environment to its students and now it’s hosting the third version of it’s unique theatre and music celebration from the 4th April to 7th April. The theatre festival CAMUS is happening as a conjoint event with the music fest – Rhapsody.
What is CAMUS?
Think of this like the fest you want to design, devoid of the meaningless rules and procedure. When a group participates in a fest, there are multiple energies driving it to perform- and with us, we believe its the the nexus that we share with theatre. As an art, theatre employs an infinite range of techniques and instruments to curate a world, detached from the real world, and manifest an idea. This primarily is the soul of Camus – The Theatre Week- to participate in a mutual celebration of this beloved art form in its earnest spirit.
The fest is designed to surround a single week-long drawn competition of five innovative theatre productions. These productions shall be identified and assisted to maximise its performance and rejoiced in its audience. We shall strive to invite an interested audience which shall include critics and bloggers that survive in the magnificent world of theatre- reviewing district productions.
Other aspects of the fest includes four other productions by the JGU Theatre Society, two workshops, a seminar on Theatre, the ‘Jazz Ball’ night which is a couple’s only musical party to groove to a live jazz band topped with a fire show, a band concert on the last day musical night, a character impersonation talk-show event, a mono act event, mad-ads event- all this celebrated in a carnival of four days at the end of which the winners shall be awarded.
A grateful set of deliverables shall include the publication of a ‘Playbill’ for each production with details of the concept, theme, or any other information that the group wishes to hand-out during the theatre week. This publication shall also include a graphic design of the poster that the production shall be advertised with. A short video of the director of each production shall be, permissively, broadcasted in advance along with a trailer, if available.

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