LIVE | National Symposium on Dialectic Reflections on the Position of Women in the 21st Century India organised by Amity Law School, Noida

Introduction :

Equality of gender has been the most debated subject in recent times. Discrimination and social evils have existed across religions in our country. There is a need to speak out openly against unjust personal laws and to mandate the uniform civil code. Gender discrimination coalesces with class inequalities and pervasive social hierarchies to compound the marginalization victim women. This doesn’t just reinforce the centrality of personal laws, but glosses over the economic, political, and social problems that define the everyday experiences. It is clear that their deprivation stems from a shortage of three essentials: knowledge (measured by literacy and average years of schooling), economic power (work and income), and autonomy (measured by decision-making and physical mobility).

Day 1 : March 6, 2019

1030 hours: Registration commences with over 30 paper presenters and 50 delegates from various Institutions across the nation.

1130 hours : Inaugural commenced with the pleasant and bright morning.

The following Guests’ have graced the Inaugural Ceremony :

Mrs.Tripta Thappar ; Renowned motivational speaker.

Mr. K.C. Mittal;   President of Bar Association Delhi.

Adv. Monica Arora; Advocate practicing in Honorable Supreme Court of India , High court of Delhi and District court

have arrived.

1155 hours : The Inaugural Ceremony has commenced with the lighting of the lamp and Saraswati Vandana.

1200 hours : Welcome address by Dr. Shefali Raizada, Additional Director / HOI, Amity Law School, Noida.

1205 hours : Inaugural Address by Prof. (Dr.) D.K. Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law Schools. He welcomed all the  participants and  also welcomed  the distinguished guests.

1215 hours : Address by the Guest of honor Mrs.Tripta Thappar , She welcomed the participating teams and esteemed guests. She discussed about the aspects of the male dominating society. She wants every child to inherit the quality of nationalism in them.

1225 hours : Address by Special Guest Mr. K.C. Mittal  discussed about the article 14 of the Indian constitution and equal opportunity for men and women.

1245 hours: Address by the presiding guest, Mrs. Monica Arora . She greeted all the guests and participants .She spoke about  Article 15  of the Indian constitution highlighting children and women rights and discussed about the fundamental features of the Indian constitution .She shared four fundamental features of the Indian society which include god is everywhere, god is one, fundamental right to happiness in wealth , whole world is a family. She talked about the idea of feminism and also about the changing aspect of respect of women in society and education starts from home.

1300 hours: All guests and dignitaries were presented with a token of appreciation before the Inaugural ceremony was concluded, after that a vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Vijaishree Pandey, Faculty Convener, Amity Law School, Noida.

13:20 hours: After conclusion of the Inaugural Ceremony, all participants and delegates move towards their respective technical sessions.

13:30 hours: Technical Session 1 & 2 commences.

13:35 -17:00 hours: Technical Session-I

Eminent speakers addressed the symposium and discussed various aspects relating to the Position of Women in the society and their rights. Ms. Pallavi Devi Assistant professor, Guwahati University. She talks about ‘Adultery Law’ and role of judiciary in changing women dignity. Further she address the issues in under the section 497 of IPC.

The 2nd speakers to address the gathering were Ms Vasundhara Shorey & Ujjwal Tiwari from Symbiosis Noida. They spoke about marital rape and how people don’t consider a big issue. They define that the word rape is drive from Latin word ‘Rapere’ which means sexually violate. In classical antiquity the rape of women or youth is a common theme in Greek mythology. Than they discussed how things have not changed and women consent for having sexual relations doesn’t matter, how they got rape on the name of marriage. They talked about the sexual independence even after marriage. Marital rape is demeaning the fundamental rights and individual right of the women. And in the end they concluded by saying marital rape should be considered as an issue.

Our next speaker Ms. Neetu, Assistant Professor from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan.She talks about the conditions of women and the economic dependency on men of women. Then she described the role women play in the society.

Than our last speaker were Ms. Rashi Shrivastava & Rashi Rohani. They presented their paper on women empowerment. They described ‘what is women empowerment’, it does not mean empowering women more than men, but it’s about, giving equal opportunity to both. Women empowerment and feminism goes hand in hand. Than they talk about women facing new problems like acid attack and many more new general issues. “When a women is empowered than society moves forward.

This symposium, indeed, were an enlightening experience for everyone present. The issues was something may peoples suffer but some speaks about it. In some issue people have different opinion for example “Triple Talaq” and Sabarimala temple. These type of subjects are debatable and it’s not easy to find their answers. But now , time is changing and so is the society, women want their rights and they have to take stand for their rights.

13:35 -17:00 hours: Technical Session-II

The Technical session began with the welcome of the guests and the participants. The Technical head introduced the panel which consisted of  Mr. V D’ Costa ; he is a partner at Luthra & Luthra  and Ms. Palka Rishi ; she is an Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Noida. This was followed by the participants being guided regarding the general rules to  adhere to the session. A total of 15 minutes were allotted for each presentation.

The 1st participant was Mr.Anirudh Vijay. His main topic was FGM (Female genital Mutilation) also known as genital cutting and female circumcision. He explained that it is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. It was related to Sec.319-326 of IPC.

At last, he suggested that preventive measures, practice and awareness, development of the statute and law should be child friendly.

The 3rd participant was Ms .Rashmika Dixit. Her main topic was religion, an inhibition of gender equality. Then, she talked about Article 2,7,8 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and how to bridge the gap between man and women. After this, she talked about the most debatable issues : Triple Talaq and Entry of women in mosques and temples.

At the end, she concluded that representation of women by the women in the parliament and strict implementation of Supreme Court judgements should be there.

The 4th speakers were –Mr. Vaibhav and Ms. Namita. They were from Symbiosis, Hyderabad. Their main topic was new laws helping in protection of women. They mainly talked about 3 topics :- Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, Triple Talaq, and the Muslim Women Protection Right on marriage 2018 bill.

The 5th speaker was Ms. Parnita Agal. She was Alumni of Amity law School, Noida. Her main topic was Marital Rape. She also talked from the perspective of Australia and Canada.

The 6th and the last speaker for the day 1 were:-Mr. Mohak Mittal and Ms.Ruchi. They were from Banasthali Vidyapeeth. Their main topic was National Commission of Women Right – the birth of an Angel. Then she talked about Establishment, Importance, composition, functions and powers of NCW. The first chairperson was Ms. Jayanti Patnaik and the Current chairperson is Ms. Rekha Sharma. Powers of NCW – civil cases, it can appoint committee which help them in dealing with matters of special needs, also has power to recommend modification of laws, has a power of suo moto. At the end, she concluded that NCW can be improved in different manner.

Today, session was quite interesting and I got to learn new thing. The speakers were enthusiastic and have a wide knowledge about the topic. All together the session went very well.

Day 2 : March 7, 2019

10:00 hours : Technical Session 3 & 4 commences.


10:05 – 13:00 hours : Technical Session – III

The 1st participant was Ms. Mini Srivastava. Her topic was marital rape. She informed everyone about various theories regarding the idea of marital rape and the condition of the women in the society.

The 2nd participant Mr. Upankar Chutiya spoke about commercial surrogacy and the exploitation of women with the process of surrogacy.

The 3rd participant was Mr. Shubham Aggarwal and Ms. Komal Mitter, she had spoke on the topic –Worship, a divine reflection of Women pertaining to their representation in the modern era.

10:05 – 13:00 hours : Technical Session – IV

The 1st participant was Ms. Arushi Sethi. Her topic was feminist jurisprudence. She spoke about how feminism started from 1798 and it is still it is going on.

The 2nd participant Mr. Madhav Sharma spoke about Sexual Liberty of Women in 21st Century and the paradigm shift it has gone through.

The 3rd participant was Dr. Swati Bijawat, her topic extensively dealt with Media Portrayal of Women pertaining to their representation.

Further, Prof. R. L. Kaul of Amity Law School, Noida spoke about inter-faith marriages in contemporary Indian Society and the acceptability which is gallantly increasing in modern India.

14:30 hours :

The invocation of the valedictory ceremony is initiated with the lightning of the lamp and recital of Sarasvati Vandana.

Welcome address by Prof (Dr.) Shefali Raizada. Additional Director/ HOI, Amity Law School, Noida. She welcomed all the guests expressly and exclusively. She spoke about the state of women empowerment in 21st century, and what difference can be brought in the society by these kind of events and symposium on such sensitive issues.

14:50 hours: Prof (Dr.) DK Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law School. He emphasized on the fact that there is a need to change the mindset of the people in the society and also the perspective towards gender equality.

15:10 hours: Guest of honour, Ms. Juhi Arora managing partner of Juhi Arora & associates She shared her view on the fact that, for the development of the nation, women’s respect and honour is necessary to be taken care of.

15:20 hours : Dr. Ved Kumari, Dean/Professor, Delhi University She addressed , the people by describing what is the difference between women and female and highlighted her speech  focusing on the question  “Who is women and what are the roles played by women in the society.

15:30 hours :All guests and dignitaries were presented with the token of appreciation before the valedictory ceremony was concluded


15:40 hours : Finally, a glimpse of the symposium was given by, Ms.Vijaishree Pandey, Faculty Convener, Legal Aid Cell, Amity Law School, Noida.


16:00 hours : Vote of thank was delivered by the Faculty Convener, Ms. Sheetal Singh, Faculty Convener, Legal Aid Cell, Amity Law School, Noida.

16:05 hours : After the successful completion of the event, We, Aadarsh Kothari, Pallavi Nayyar and Saloni Jha officially sign out on behalf of Amity Law School, Noida. Lastly, we would like to thank all our viewers and subscribers for their support and encouragement throughout the event.


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