Interview with Prof. (Dr.) Naresh Kumar Vats, the newly appointed Registrar of RGNUL

1. Congratulations on joining as the new Registrar of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab (RGNUL). It has been more than a month of joining RGNUL, how do you feel Sir? Also, please tell us more about yourself, the students are keen to get an insight.

I would begin by thanking the RGNUL family Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, faculty members, students and the supporting staff for welcoming me so warmly.

I am very privileged to have joined RGNUL as the Registrar, the University which is consistently doing excellent in academics as well as research.Surprisingly, prior to my appointment I have never visited RGNUL but I did hear from peers that it has one of the best  campus amongst NLUs. The university also is moving in the direction of achievinggreater glories under the visionary hands of Professor (Dr.) Paramajit Singh Jaswal, who secured the second tenure as Vice-Chancellor.The way Prof. Jaswal is steering is exceedingly well.

Moving on to myself, I am disciplined man in nature and ensuring things function smoothly and systematically which gives me satisfaction.I remain very positive and try to remain happy no matter what phase of life I am in.

2. How would you enumerate the changes felt after joining RGNUL vis-a-vis your last employment?

Working environment in RGNUL is more conducive than all of the places I have worked (as Coordinator – WIPO India Summer School 2018; Head of Department, Professor, in Maharashtra National Law University; as an Associate Professor: NLUJA, Assam-Guwahati etc.).I stand more busy here because of my teaching schedule and also my responsibilities as a registrar demand more of me.The gravity of business is gradually increasing here.

Though I don’t take the work as load and am more than happy to shoulder the responsibility and deliver the best as a registrar as well as the professor of law.I try my best to make a healthy balance between both my roles.

3. What do you feel about the college? What are your opinions on the academic and administrative approach pursued here?

It feels good to see that the students of RGNUL are concerned and seriously engaged in their academic pursuits.They keep occupied with their routine commitment including extra-curricular activities.

Academically, the teachers are very committed and put in extra efforts in running different courses, organizing seminars, mentoring for moot court etc.The students and teacher coordinate in sync to manage the event.This not only benefits the university but also the way to prepare students who stand confident in all spheres of life.They are trained to take responsibilities and remain aware about what challenges they can expect in their career.

In terms of administrative approach my efforts are to ensure minimum hurdles are faced by the students.However the students are also tuned up to the rules and regulations of University.The university endeavor to ensure a single window system to avoid the complexity of the administration.In short we tend to practice here the best of administrative practice which is possible.

4. Where do you see the college in another 5 years? On the same hand what changes do you intend to make?

This is more challenging task having vested more responsibilities as Registrar in me.I ensure to deliver my best each day.I do accept RGNUL has the best of campus and facilities amongst all the NLUs and will do endeavor to carry the team to make RGNUL the best of NLU in the upcoming years.The glory stands very achievable with the accelerating speed of academic and research revolution under the guidance of visionary VC and power of dedicated students and learned teachers.

Thrust upon training and research activities by the Centres for Advanced Studies, qualified researchers’ team, adequate funding by the state agency will be the contributing factors which will support university in heading in the right direction and will soon be the top ranking NLU.

5. How do you handle administrative and academic positions together, also which position attracts you most administrative or academic?

I am currently holding a position which is mix and match of both administration and academic character, as a teacher I am supposed to teach and provide solutions to my students in case of any difficulties arises.Both are the two sides of coin and equally important, however, I am required to be the administrative head where I ensure that the students are provided with a single window solution, hurdle free education and friendly to the faculty members and enhance the efficiency of supporting staff.

I do strongly think that I am able to manage the tasks because of my learning from my seniors.Since, I began my career; I haven’t left any stone unturned to ensure the administrative and academic smoothness.All these phases helped me to boost my confidence and become more adorable each day.I also learned the art of acceptability due to the different opportunities that crossed my way all the different professional environment I have experienced.

May be that’s why I am unable to choose which attracts me more because I love both of them.It might be enumerated as a weakness but I think it’s my strength to accept tasks and challenge my abilities to perform better.In addition if asked I would surely choose teaching because it’s soothing to be remembered in the hearts of the students than in mere files.And the beauty of teaching is being inerasable.

6. How important is the understanding of legal research for law students.

Certainly research is very important.Law has a great impact in society and the students of law should be proud and understand that they are torch bearers of the society.A decision based on poor research may adversely affect everyone,any enactment without thorough discussion, deliberation and evaluation may deprive the society.A well understanding,thorough reading and critical evaluation are needed to be imbibed against any and every topic by a law researcher.

Therefore, my humble and straightforward advise to the law students or researcher in the field of law is that legal research is pertinent and needs to be carried out which should be statistically correct, socially relevant and well analysed otherwise the stakeholders will be at loss and the purpose will be defeated which will be leading to miscarriage of justice and denial of rights.

7. Message to all the students

  • for pursuing career in IPR

IPR is playing a very important role in every domain be it engineering, medical,literature etc. The protection and promotion of the innovation,creativity or intellect of mind is indispensable to life. IPR is also identified as another major intellectual economy of any state.

IPR is not a new subject it has been in use since ancient times be it traditional knowledge or Geographical Indications.Countries which were developed have already made proper laws to cover IPR protections and promotion but many do remain without any well -structured law. Therefore, IPR tend to grow day by day as an umbrella for all developing the countries.Let us not forget that a career in IPR is not only restricted to law but covers all the sphere of education.

My sincere advice to the students is to tap their intelligence, ideas and protect them.Indian laws stand weak in many areas specifically copyrights, patent, traditional knowledge, GIs etc. to assist and work for our national strength.And the best duty we can do for our nation is educated, disseminate and promote to the common man.

  • values to be inculcated to be a successful law students

According to me, the key to success is –

First and foremost students must imbibe positivity and acceptability in their attitude which is the success key for everyone to touch glory.

Second, devotion and dedication in whatever you are doing with punctuality will lead you to the ladders of success.

Lastly, try to be a good human being. High moral values and the sense of feeling belonged certainly ensures success and brings respect to you.

Best wishes to all the students for their bright future.

Interviewed by Vijaya Singh Gautam. She is pursuing law from RGNUL. She is also SCC Online Student Ambassador. She has always been amongst the toppers of her batch along with other achievements in extra-curricular activities.

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