Shobhit Diwakar and Prishita Chadha on winning DAAD Scholarship for semester exchange program at Berlin School of Economics and Law

Ms. Prishita Chadha and Mr. Shobhit Diwakar, Second Year Students, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA have received the DAAD Full Scholarship to attend Semester Exchange Program in International Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany from April-July, 2019. This scholarship entails a full tuition fee waiver and a grant of €400 per month, for the entire duration of the program. They have been interviewed by Akanksha Vishnoi.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

Shobit Diwakar: “Be the Master, wherever you go” these are the words my father said while I was about to start the journey of law at symbiosis law school, which still echoes in my ear. I Shobhit Diwakar, hail from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I'm an amiable and dedicated person with special love to debating and also I am an excursionist.

Prishita Chadha: Professionally, the earliest memory I have of aligning myself with Law was when I was 15 years old. The process got streamlined as the years passed and I joined SLS- NOIDA. However, at 18, I feel the same vigor for Corporate Law as I did, 3 years ago. Personally, I am an affable and social person, who enjoys basking in people’s company. I am also an avid reader, a keen observer and unapologetically punctual, all being virtues I inherit from my family.

2. How do you feel about winning DAAD Full Scholarship to attend Semester Exchange Program in International Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany in 2nd Year of college itself?

Shobit Diwakar: Really great!!! Ever since I passed my senior secondary level of education, I had made up my mind to go abroad for academic purposes. After that, from day one of my Law School, I was, and still I’m, dedicated and ambitious to achieve this goal. I was in touch with the one who have had this experience, but had never imagined that I will achieve this in my 2nd year itself. I feel this will surely bring a positive change and enhance my future endeavors.

Prishita Chadha: I am happy that so early in my career, I got this opportunity to visit a wonderful country like Germany and attend a full semester in International Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Guess I am lucky! On a serious note, I think it is a challenge and a great responsibility too, as being a representative of my country and SLS, I got to ensure that academic fraternity at BSEL recognizes our talent and high education standards.

3. Why did you want to join International Law at Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany?

Shobit Diwakar: While reading about international law, I realized that the current level of knowledge and experience is not sufficient to achieve my set goals of life. I feel that I am not equipped with the business and managerial tools that are fundamental to evolve in this competitive corporate world. So, I think this is the best time for me to experience the diversity of the world, and this program is the apt opportunity that will help me to satisfy the zeal developed within me for international law over the period of time.

Prishita Chadha: I have planned to specialize in Corporate Law in my career. Today with globalization, whole world is a market for any corporate. Exposure to international law practices from experts of a developed and industrially strong economy like
Germany, is a rare and unique opportunity which shall compliment my learning in more than one way.

4. What should one do to achieve this scholarship?

Shobit Diwakar: One needs to have patience as such opportunities do not come all of a sudden. Till the time it comes, one should really be focused and determined about whatever he/she does during his/her academic life. Here by academics I don’t mean just getting best grades, apart from that, it also includes other activities like research papers, mooting, debates, and conferences etc. Once you are determined and started to excel in every possible field such opportunity will come your way soon.

Prishita Chadha: First and foremost is to have a clear goal; and then is sustained progress towards it with focus and hard work. Good academic performance with back end knowledge enhancement and clear communication of your plan to grow.

5. What are you future plans now? Where do you see yourself after completing college?
Shobit Diwakar: I think it would be too early to stick to a single plan for future, as I feel that after this exchange program there will be positive changes in perspective which will further help me plan my future well. But one thing I’m sure for myself is, I won’t stop myself at BALLB, I’ll definitely go for masters.

Prishita Chadha: While my long term goal is set, I think it is too early to lay out plan for immediate and mid-term goals. World is evolving very rapidly and adaptability to this dynamic eco-system is a pre-requisite. On completion of my graduation in Law, I would definitely aspire for masters with couple of specialized courses to hone my focus. Seems, there is a lot of work in process for now!

6. Any advice for other young law students?
Shobit Diwakar: Only thing I want to say is there is “nothing” in this world which we cannot achieve, “everything” is possible by our firm determination and zeal we carry to reach our goal (saying from my personal experience). So stay motivated and keep the way you are working to reach your goal, nobody can stop you to be man of your own dream.

Prishita Chadha: I would recommend to never slackening pace of learning and evolving. Don’t stay centered on academics only. There is so much more to learn from all other aspects of society, community and world. Go out there too and nourish yourself. A well rounded personality is any day better and more adaptive to life’ challenges. Good luck!


Interviewed by Akanksha Vishnoi. She is the student ambassador at SCC Online. She is pursuing B.B.A. LL.B. from SLS, Noida. She has also participated and presented various research papers and always keen to learn new things

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