Call For Papers : UGC Sponsored National Seminar on IBC 2016: A Paradigm Shift

Chanakya National Law University is organizing a One-Day UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “INSOLVENCY AND BANKRUPTCY CODE: A PARADIGM SHIFT” which focuses on creating a nation-wide conversation providing an opportunity to students, academicians, law professionals and all other stakeholders to put forward their research and share their knowledge on wide range of topics relating to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and related subjects.
The purpose of the Seminar is to provoke discussion and debate on a range of topics and including subjects like Bankruptcy for Corporate, Insolvency Professional, traditional knowledge protection, amongst others. The agenda is
kept deliberately broad and the discussions are intended to be accessible to a general audience. The Seminar program offers high-level content relevant not only to students pursuing law or any other academic degree but also to young innovators from different fields; advocates, policy advisors, academicians, judicial officers and a range of government and non-government organizations to engage in a dialogue on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.
Through this initiative, we want our students and faculty to develop a broader perspective of their responsibility to
society and to give them an opportunity to listen to experiences, researches and findings of our esteemed panel of speakers, guests, academicians as well as students.
The Seminar will also provide a unique opportunity for lawyers and associated professional members in the region to exchange insights, explore current policy and practice issues, and exposure to a professional network of colleagues with shared interests and expertise.
We cordially invite articles, case notes and research papers on the theme from all academicians, researchers, advocates, social activists and students pursuing law or any other academic degree. Interested participants may submit their abstracts and full papers for the Seminar on the following e-mail ID:
In case of any query please feel free to contact us:
Subham Jain: +91-9523819962
Rohan Singh: +91-8972523836
Venkat Nilay: +91-8521338789
For more details, refer IBC Seminar Brochure

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