ILS National Book Chapter Appreciation Competition 3.0

ILS Law College, Pune presents the competition exclusively for LLM Students.

The competition is designed to test research, comprehension and writing skills.

Chapter alternatives for the Competition are as follows: (Any one has to be chosen)

Feminism in the Sub Continent & Beyond: Challenging Laws Changing Laws
ed. Jaya Sagade, Vedna Jivan, Christine Foster
Chapter 1:

“Fair Sex” and Unfair Treatment: Some Reflections on Constitutional Design and Institutional Response with special reference to India (Sanjay Jain & Shirish Deshpande)

Engendering  Law

Ed. Amita Dhanda & Archana Parashar

Chapter 1:

Reasonable Man, Reasonable Woman and Reasonable Expectations (Usha Ramanathan)

Due Process of Law

Abhinav Chandrachud

Chapter 3:

“Due Process of Law” and the Constitutent Assembly of India

Natural Resources Law

P. Ishwara Bhat

Chapter 3:

Socio-cultural Dimensions of Natural Resources Law (Ishwara Bhat, Yogini Oke & Prerna Dhoop)

The soft copies of the chapter shall be made available on registration, post which registered student can decide to author critique of the chapter in 500-600 words on any one chapter of choice.

This is an individual competition and co-authorship is not admitted. The competition is shall be hosted online.

Mode of Registration:

  • Interested students kindly register by 24th January 2019, by sending,  Full Name, College Name and Roll Number, through mail to
  • In case, of any techincal or otherwise problem, you may also register by sending, Full Name, College Name and Roll Number, through SMS or WhatsApp message to Saranya Mishra at (+91) 7506228224.

(Please refrain from calling at first instance, since as organisers your call is valuable and we would not like to miss it)

  • There is no registration fee.

Last date for submission is 7th February 2019 23:59 hrs.

Evaluation break up is as follows:

  1. Comprehension of the underlying essence of the case
  1. Research undertaken (in terms of the precedents found) and cited in the write-up
  1. Writing skills, i.e.
  1. Content
  2. Logical sequencing
  3. Language and Grammar
  4. Amalgamation of ideas
  5. Creativity
10 for each sub head=50

Prizes for the competition are sponsored by SCC Online/Eastern Book Company.

Student Coordinator:

Saranya Mishra


Faculty Coordinator:

Ms. Sampada Kangane

Mr. Rohit Bokil

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