ILNU | Guest Lecture on Dissecting the Contours of Aadhaar Judgement

The Centre for Law and Governance, ILNU was graced by the presence of Dr. Usha Ramanathan, Senior Researcher, she has been an erudite scholar who has contributed a lot in the field of law since decades which begins from being an editor with Eastern Book Company to currently being a most respected independent law researchers in India as she spoke flawless by ‘Dissecting the Contours of Aadhaar Judgement’.
She highlighted how with the change in technology the meaning and implications of privacy have changed. She also said that “Aadhaar is still having all the fears left after the judgement being dealt in different and difficult way when it comes to poor.”
She further discussed controversial sections of the AADHAAR Act such as section 57 and 59 and why there is an underlying threat from these sections. She also talked the apprehensions UID is bringing when dealing with corporate for data sharing, data breaches, privacy issues and the restriction to our freedom by system of mandatory linkage.

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