Amity Law School,Noida| 8th Amity International Moot Court Competition,2018 : Live Blogging and updates

8th Amity International Moot Court Competition is the crowning jewel of Amity Law School, Noida. It is the 4th edition of paperless moot with just few hours to go for its grand commencement.

We take immense pleasure in welcoming our participants, Judges and other dignitaries for the event and hope to provide them with the best hospitality.

With all the enthusiasm, the organizing team is all set with the work and preparations for AIM 2018. We will be updating with the live feeds of the event from tomorrow.

A brief schedule of the event is produced below:

Day 1 (12th October)

SCC Online Session, Registration, Preliminary Round 01, Preliminary Round 02, Researchers Test, Draw of lots and Memorial exchange for Semi-finals

Day 2 (13th October)

Semi-Final Round, Final Round and Valedictory Ceremony

Tune in for live updates.

DAY 1 (12th October)

08:30 AM

All the teams have arrived. The registration process will start after the breakfast and SCC Online session by Mr. Sanjay Kapoor.

09:30 AM

The SCC Online session by Mr. Sanjay Kapoor is being conducted.

10:00 AM- 11:00 AM

Registration of the teams.


11:00 AM

All the judges for the preliminary rounds arrived in the lounge and are briefed about the moot problem in the presence of:

Prof.(Dr.) Shefali Raizada – Head of Institution
Ms. Bhavna Batra – Faculty Convenor
Mr. Rahul Thapliyal – Student Convenor
Mr. Abhyuday Sharma – Student Deputy Convenor
Ms. Akanksha Jindal and Ms. Tanishka Grover- Media Heads

11:30 AM

Preliminary Round 01 commences.

01:00 PM

Preliminary Round has concluded and teams have proceeded for lunch.

02:00 PM

Preliminary Round 02 begins.

04:00 PM

The preliminary round 02 has concluded.The teams have proceeded for high tea, after which researchers test is scheduled.

05:00 PM

The researchers test commences.

06:00 PM

The researchers’ test ends and now the results for the Preliminary Rounds will be declared.

06:30 PM

The results for the Preliminary Round have been declared.

Now, the Media Team sign out with the successful conduct of Day 1 of 8th Amity International Moot Court Competition,2018. Tomorrow we will get back with the live updates of Day 2 of AIM, 2018.
Stay updated!

DAY 2  (13th October)

Top of the morning!
Welcome all to the second and final day of the 8th Amity International Moot Court Competition,2018.

We are back with more updates of AIM’18. The final day of the battle begins. The top four teams are ready to present their arguments in front of our judges.
So the readers stay updated with us.

10:15 AM

Semi-final rounds commences.


12:00 PM

Declaration of results for the Semi-final rounds. Team Code 01 and 17 qualified to the final round scheduled to begin at 01:30 PM. All participants have proceeded for lunch.


01:00 PM

The stage is all set for the Final Round of 8th Amity International Moot Court Competition 2018


01:30 PM

Judges for the Final Round have arrive in the Moot Court Hall and the battle is about to begin.

01:45 PM

The Final Round for AIM’18 have commenced.

Pic: The Lordships


02:00 PM

Speaker 2 for the Applicant is presenting her arguments before the Hon’ble Bench. The counsel was confident while elucidating her issues.

02:15 PM

The judges seemed to be convinced with the Applicant’s argument.

02:30 PM 

The Respondent commenced their arguments by addressing their issues.

02:45 PM

The audience seems to be engrossed in the proceedings

03:00 PM

Final Round for AIM’18 concludes. A word of caution was given by the  bench to keep originality of the arguments intact and in sync.

03:30 PM 

Valedictory Ceremony commences with arrival of all the Distinguished guests.

04:00 PM

Valedictory Ceremony commences with lighting of the lamp by Distinguished guests.

04:10 PM

Valedictory ceremony commenced by delivery of welcome Address by Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Raizada (Addl. Director/ HOI Amity Law School, Noida). Ma’am emphasized on practical application of law which is taught in law schools through Moot Courts.

04:15 PM

Few words of thought was delivered by Prof.(Dr.) S. S. Singh (Advisor Amity Law School, Noida). Sir stated the importance of Moot Courts’ in Law School and congratulated all the participants from across the nation.

04:20 PM

Thereafter, few words of thought was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Bandyopadhaya (Chairman Amity Law Schools). Sir stated this Moot court has given education about the environment too, by making it a Paperless Moot Court Competition.

04:30 PM

Further, distinguished Guest of Honor, Hon’ble Mrs. Justice (Retd.) Gyan Sudha Misra (Former Judge Supreme Court of India) stated the importance of Human Rights in current scenario when influx of refugees is gallantly increasing in the nation.

04:35 PM

Further, Dr. Subramanian Swamy (Member of Rajya Sabha) distinguished Guest of Honor stated that law is the weapon of mass-awakening to the people at large.


04:40 PM 

Then Dr. Atul Chauhan (Chancellor Amity University Uttar Pradesh) introduced Mr. Appa Rao Podile (VC, University of Hyderabad) who stated limitation is just your imagination but in this profession of law there is no limitation.


04:45 PM

Our distinguished Chief Guest Mr. Justice (Retd.) Dipak Misra (Former Chief Justice of India) who had graced the occasion with his meticulous admiration for the young students who had taken part in this competition. Further, he stated the importance of Intellectual spirituality which one gains from taking part in such competitions. He further stated of the participant to have a approach of “I came, I participated and I enjoyed‘. He concluded by stating history begins where you intend it to begin.

04:50 PM

Further, our beloved Founder President Sir, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan enlightened the students for their fabulous participation in this Competition and congratulated the organizing body for the successful event.

04:55 PM

Prize Distribution Ceremony:

Winner Symbiosis Law School, Noida
Runners Up National Law University, Assam
Best Memorial NIRMA Institute of Law, Ahmedabad
Best Researcher UILS Chandigarh, Panjab
Best Speaker Symbiosis Law School, Pune


05:00 PM

Further Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Bhavna Batra (Faculty Convener AIM’18) wherein she thanked all the students, faculty and HOI for the unwavering support and thanked the distinguished for gracing the occasion with their presence.


06:00 PM

The valedictory ceremony was concluded with reciting the National Anthem.


The flagship event of our college, the journey which we embarked upon, comes to an end. The 8th Amity International Moot Court Competition,2018 is officially closed. 


We have achieved so much in the time we’ve been here and gained a lot ourselves to . This event is finished, of course , but it does not really stop here- it’ll soon be time to be thinking about organizing the next one. I know we’ve enjoyed today immensely and so the participants. Also,we would like to thank our organizing team for arranging the event enormously. Finally to our institution Amity Law School, Noida for providing us this opportunity. 

This the blogging team signing off.  See you next year. Till then  just wanna say “unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
Special thanks to
Faculty Convenor- Ms. Bhavna Batra 
Student Convenor- Rahul Thapliyal
Student Deputy Convenor-  Abhyuday Sharma 
Student Media Heads-  Akanksha Jindal and Tanishka Grover





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