An interactive session with Dr. Aniruddha Rajput (member of UN International Law Commission) was organized in Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University by Seminar and Lecture Committee in collaboration with Think India on Monday. In session open to all, there was a turnout of around three hundred people from all over the district who were provided with certificate of participation.

Dr. Rajput gave insights on “Why International Law matters for India?”  He also spoke on relation of India and China with respect to South Asian countries and how India is emerging as a global leader. Various international treaties were brought into light by him and role of international law commission was also discussed with the students. 

Dr. Rajput said that India as well as the International Law is changing with a rapid speed. Today India asserts its power and it should learn from Singapore which has placed itself to the group of first world countries. He further said that previously the whole complaint mechanism was in the favour of western countries but now India has learnt to counter the dominance of western lobby. Apart from importance of International Law, the relation of India with other countries in South Asia and China was also discussed.

Prof. (Dr.) Subir Kumar Bhatnagar, the VC of Dr. RMLNLU presided over the session. Along with him the President of Seminar and Lecture committee, Dr. Monika Srivastava, Chairman of State Bar Council and other members of Bar council were present during the session. Students of LLM and BA LLB attended the session and asked various questions regarding the scope of International law and its relevance.




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  • The Indian law is there for Indians but its own people sitting in the law field don’t follow it and use it and people are still suffering and not only this Indian law is the lengthiest one in the world and it has been using by different castes and different sex and where there is nothing like equality. Why because the law has been made to work like that. Now if you think international law matters for India, yes it does but it will be tried best by some nice and intelligent people to use it for them not to give the justice. Sorry but this is what the thinking is becoming here because it is creating problems rather finishing the problems. Here our system is charging lathis on the kissans who provide the food and giving securities to the people who are killing our army jawaans on the border. It’s a shame for us.

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