The GNLU Centre of Constitutional and Administrative Law in Collaboration with Eastern Book Company and SCC Online is back with the 3rd Edition of CCAL’s Quiz on Constitutional Law, “The Constitution Quest”.

The previous 2 editions have been a huge success. In the previous edition, about 30 teams from across the University participated in the quiz, out of which 6 teams qualified for the final round. The team comprising of Darshan Patankar and Ashwani Tak (both from 2015-20 batch) were declared as the winner of the quiz. This year, the Quiz Master will be the winner of the previous edition of the quiz, Mr. Darshan Patankar.

Participants are required to register in a team of 2 by filing up the google form by 23rd September 2018.

The members of the team need not be from the same batch. The team composition cannot be changed once it has been registered. The teams will be allotted a team code latest by 25th September 2018.

The Prizes for the top six teams are as follows:
Winners: Prizes Worth Rs. 7000 and a certificate.

Runners-up: Prizes Worth Rs. 6500 and a certificate.

2nd Runners-up: Prizes Worth Rs. 6000 and a certificate.

Top 6 teams will be given participation certificates.

Date: 26th September 2018
Venue: Vitaan-II 
Time: 5:30 p.m.

Last Date for registration: 23rd September 2018


1. A team shall consist of two persons.

2. Only team entries are eligible and individuals are not eligible.

3. The decision of the Quiz-Master will be final and will not be subject to any change.

4. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.

5. The questions shall be in the form of multiple choice, True/False statement, Specific-answers, audio visual etc.

6. Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.

7. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.

8. Teams selected for the final rounds will be allocated Team Codes.


  • Each registered team will be given a set of question paper containing 20 multiple choice, plus 5 objective type questions.
  • Time limit – 20 minutes.
  • Only 6 Teams would be selected for the Final Stage.
  • In case of tie between 2 or more teams, further 5 questions would be asked for final selection.
  • The selected teams will have to appear for the Final Stage.
  • All those teams selected for the Final Stage will be given participation Certificates.


Level 1: A question will be asked to a team and if they are unable to answer it will be passed to the next team – Rounds 4-                 24 questions

  • Each team would be asked 4 questions each (Four rounds) (Objective questions with options)
  • 10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
  • If a team cannot answer the question, they can pass the question & then the question would be forwarded to the next team. (10 marks to the passing team)
  • Answering time is only 30 seconds.
  • Team discussion is allowed.

Level 2: Rapid Fire Round: -Each team will be asked 10 questions one after another in one minute time : 60 questions

  • 10 marks for the correct answer and negative 5 marks for the wrong answer
  • Answering time is only 3 seconds
  • Team discussion is allowed
  • If a team cannot answer the question, they can say pass for the next question. The question will not be forwarded to the next team.

Level 3 – Audio-visual round Teams will be shown clips and will have to answer.

  • Rounds 2 : 12 questions
  • 20 marks for the correct answer and negative 10 marks for the wrong answer
  • Each Team will be asked 2 audio-visual questions. (1 slide in each round).
  • Answering time is only 30 seconds.
  • Team Discussion is allowed.
  • No passing to the next team. Audience can answer.

Final Scores:

  • The Final Score of a team would be the sum of the scores of all the three levels of Stage-2 of the competition.
  • The Final Score of a team will not include the score of the team in elimination stage (Stage-1).
  • In case of a tie in final scores, additional 3 questions will asked from the teams.
  • On the basis of the Final Scores, the top three teams will be awarded with prizes and Winners, Runners-up and Second Runners-up Certificates.

For any details regarding the quiz competition or the rules,  contact Mr. Hrithik Khurana, Student Ambassador, EBC & SCC Online (Contact number- 8556868810),

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