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GNLU Centre for Public International Law has the pleasure in announcing about the Maritime Commercial Law and Training Program from 11th to 15th September 2018.

Introduction of Training Programme: GNLU Centre for Public International Law specializes in organizing academic, research, extension and training programs and activities in the field of Maritime Law to disseminate knowledge among various stakeholders. In furtherance of the objective of promoting studies in maritime law and research, GNLU Centre for Public International Law is organising extensive training programme on Maritime Law and Practice.

Aims of Programme: To equip participants with theoretical, practical, legal and operational issues enabling them to render efficient and effective research, advisory, policy and operational assistance to their respective  authorities of port and shipping management, maritime contract management, arbitration in port and shipping sector, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Providing the understanding of basic concepts of Maritime Law.
  • Understand the UNCLOS III and its impact on Indian Maritime field.
  • Fathom the intricacies of the Marine Insurance.
  • Enhance the understanding of different conventions including the Four Pillars of the Maritime Constituency.
  • Asses  and  understand  the  insights  of  significant  acts  prevailing  in  India  on Maritime.
  • Comprehend the significance of the Different modes of Dispute resolution in Maritime.
  • Comprehend the importance of Maritime Law.


  • Professionals, practitioners, students and researchers having basic understanding of Maritime law.
  • Professionals, practitioners, students and researchers having interest in the study of Maritime law.
Focus areas are Indian Statutes pertaining to Shipping and Ports; Employment of Ships – Liner Trade/Transportation Trade; Bill of Lading and Hague Rules; Marine Insurance History; Operational Terms in Shipping; Shipping Administration in India; Important Maritime Conventions and Shipping Dispute Resolution.
The training program will bring together professionals, practitioners, officers, scholars and students of maritime commercial law, shipping and dispute resolution from India and abroad.
Participation Fees for Professionals: INR 15,000 (including boarding and lodging); INR 10,000 (excluding accommodation).


  • Rs. 10000 (With lodging, boarding and kit).
  • Rs. 7000 (excluding accommodation and including kit, tea/coffee, snacks and lunch).
  • Rs.  5000  (For  GNLU  Students,  excluding  accommodation , including  kit, tea/coffee, snacks and lunch).

Details of the Programme

  • Date: 11th September – 15th September 2018
  • No. of Seats: Maximum 40
  • Duration:  05 Days (six hours/ day)
  • Venue: Gujarat National Law University
Please contact Mr. Sushil Goswami Assistant Professor,
Ms Pratikalpa Sharma, Coordinator  (email OR
To view the Brochure, click HERE
To view the Training Program, click HERE
Download the Registration Form here.
For more details or visit – Centre for Public International Law.

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