Pilot Project details concerning ‘Waste Management’ in Delhi to be filed: SC

Supreme Court: The Bench comprising of Madan B. Lokur and Deepak Gupta, JJ., addressed a PIL concerning the ‘Waste Management’ in Delhi.

The parties placed submissions that following kinds of waste are generated in houses, such as Wet Waste which is compostable, Dry Waste, Non-biodegradable, Biodegradable, Hazardous Waste and Construction and Building waste, and these are primarily the categories which need to be segregated for a proper waste management of solid waste in the city.

Another point discussed during the hearings was about the ‘pilot project’ that has been launched in some parts of Delhi, i.e. Green Park, Defence Colony, Maharani Bagh and Lajpat Nagar, for which the Supreme Court has asked for full details in regard to the project.

The Court has asked for furnishing the details by 14-08-2018 and has listed the matter on 17-08-2018.

Supreme Court has also notified that on the next date of hearing it would consider the submissions in regard to other alternative landfill sites as in Sonia Vihar and Ghonda Gujjran. [Outrage as Parents End Life After Childs Dengue, In Re 2018 SCC OnLine SC 823, order dated 06-08-2018]

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