GST on several products curtailed; Sanitary Napkins exempted

As reported by PTI, GST Council on 21-07-2018, exempted ‘Sanitary Pads’ from GST, the plea in regard to exempt the said product was going on for a long time and finally it ended with the GST Council’s announcement.

Earlier, the Sanitary Pads came under the umbrella of 12% GST, but after the finance minister Piyush Goyal’s announcement on Saturday, tax rates were reduced on an ample of daily use appliances and products along with Sanitary napkins being reduced from 12% to zero, also rakhi’s to be exempted from tax.

Among the other items on which GST was reduced included footwear, small televisions, water heater, electric ironing machines, refrigerators, lithium-ion batteries, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, food appliances and ethanol.

GST on 17 items used by middle class viz Paints, Refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, storage water heaters, TVs up to 68 cm was reduced from 28 to 18 per cent.

The next GST Council meeting is said to be held on 04-08-2018.

[Source: PTI]

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