Personal information to be removed while giving out names of persons in reply to an application under S. 8(1)(j) of RTI Act

Central Information Commission: The Commission recently addressed a second appeal on the grounds that the appellant had not been provided the desired information by the CPIO that was spught in certain paragraphs of the RTI application.

The CPIO contended that he had already given the available copy of the document that would provide the person  concerned with the information sought out for in one of the paragraphs in question. For another such paragraph, the CPIO contended that the list of persons who attended the hearing had been provided.

The Commission held that there remained no scope of intervention for the information the informant sought in the first paragraph in question. As for the other paragraph that the complainant sought clarity on through the second appeal, the Commission held that the appellant had originally sought for a copy of the attendance sheet and not simply the names. The Commission put forth the condition that the attendance sheet would only be furnished after blacking out of the personal contact information of all the persons concerned, which if not followed would lead to contravention of Section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act. [T.K. Roy v. CPIO;  CIC/CICOM/A/2017/314723/SD, order dated 18/1/2018]

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