No scope for intervention by CIC if replies to certain parts of application by CPIO are missing but instead addressed by FAA

Central Information Commission: The Commission recently dealt with an appeal wherein the appellant contended that the information he seeked through 6 points regarding implementation of second MACP scheme in All India Radio by the 6th Central Pay Commission, had not been provided to him by the CPIO.

The complainant had not appeared before the Commission to plead his case in the present appeals case. The Commission decided that there was no scope for its intervention in the present case. It held so because despite the CPIO having grossly erred in not providing a reply on certain paragraphs of the RTI application, the FAA had done so instead in its own reply. Besides, the Commission also noted that the information that was being sought by the complainant was rather and in an extremely unspecified manner, which would in turn require immense deduction and collation of information while disproportionately diverting the resources made available to the public authority. The Commission also warned that further such applications be replied with due care. [Paban Sharma v. CPIO, File No. CIC/DGAAR/A/2017/131451/SD, order dated 18.1.2018]

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