SLS, Pune announces Symbiosis IPR Conclave 2018

The Intellectual Property Cell of Symbiosis International University and Tech Legal Cell of Symbiosis Law School, Pune bring forth the Symbiosis IPR Conclave 2018 on January 27, 2018 (Saturday) from 10:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m. in association with Corporate Law Cell and Entrepreneurship Cell. This conclave seeks to promote awareness on Intellectual Property and its interaction with facets of Competition/Anti-Trust Laws and how the Startup Ecosystem is benefited by the use of Intellectual Property today to identify and explore avenues for intellectual property to be effectively utilized and shaped to create a powerful innovation ecosystem to sustain in the markets and with effective antitrust/competition regulation, there is no hindrance to fueled economic growth. The conclave seeks to identify certain allied areas of intellectual property and correlate them to how each avenue and IP together contribute to the economic development of a country. 
The Conclave is divided into three sessions/themes and shall commence at 10:00 AM on January 27, 2018 and conclude by 04:00 PM. All Presenters are expected to be present for all the sessions. Students may either present their research presentations/working papers and obtain valuable feedback from the Panelists/Resource Persons invited for the same or register as Participants in the conclave. The Abstracts for the said papers are to be submitted by January 16, 2018 in accordance with the Guidelines prescribed for the same. The Top six abstracts would be eligible for presentation. The Themes laid down for submission of the Abstract are as follows. These are illustrative and not exhaustive in nature.
1. Intellectual Property and Technology (The Sub-Themes are not exhaustive)
    A. Advent of new technologies & IP protection
    B. Internet of Things & Role in the IP Regime
    C. Artificial Intelligence: Opening Avenues in IP
    D. Proliferation of UAVs/Drones & IP Issues
    E. Software as an IP: Prospects ahead
2. Harmonization of Intellectual Property & Anti-Trust Laws (The Sub-Themes are not exhaustive)
    A. Jurisdictional Conflicts (CCI & Controller/IPAB)
    B. Compulsory Licensing Regime
    C. SEPs (Standard Essential Patents) & FRAND Licensing in India & abroad
    D. Evolving Landscape of Government Use of IP
3. Innovation Ecosystem & Intellectual Property (The Sub-Themes are not exhaustive)
    A. Role of IP in Startup Ecosystems
    B. Inter-Jurisdictional (Cross-Border) Protection of Intellectual Property (PCT)
    C. Trade Secret Legislations
    D. Scope of Arbitrarily of International IP Disputes
Every presenter shall receive a Certificate of Presentation and all presenters are required to pay the Registration & Presentation Fee through DD/NEFT or Cash. Publication Opportunity may be provided with an external journal approved by the college bearing an ISSN number. Co-Authorship is allowed for a maximum of two participants. Attendance in the conclave is mandatory for members of Tech Legal Cell, Corporate Law Cell and Entrepreneurship Cell.  
The Registration Fee is as follows:
Fee for Participation
Participants outside SIU – Rs. 500
Ph. D. Scholars & Faculty Participants of SIU – Rs. 250
Students (UG/PG) Participants – Rs. 100
Fee for Presentation
Presenters outside SIU – Rs. 750
Presenters within SIU – Rs. 375
We look forward to your participation in the Conclave.
For more details, contact:
Student Heads
Sameer Avasarala                                        Sharmistha Dutta
Convenor, Tech Legal Cell 2017-18               Co-Convenor, Tech Legal Cell 2017-18
(M) +91-9970014124                                    (M) +91-7507006305
(E)               (E)

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