Covering of Indians working abroad under EPFO 

This facility is available to Indian workers who are deputed by their employer to the countries with whom India has entered into a Social Security Agreement (SSA) and they take Certificate of Coverage (COC) from Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). An online facility to obtain Certificate of Coverage (COC) has been launched by EPFO.

 India has entered into Social Security Agreements (SSAs) with 18 countries, namely:

(i) Australia, (ii) Austria, (iii) Belgium, (iv) Canada, (v) Czech Republic, (vi) Denmark, (vii) Finland, (viii) France, (ix) Germany, (x) Hungary, (xi) Japan, (xii) Republic of Korea (South Korea), (xiii) Luxembourg, (xiv) Netherlands, (xv) Norway, (xvi) Portugal, (xvii) Sweden and (xviii) Switzerland.

Ministry of Labour & Employment

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  • Nice blog. Thank you for sharing this information about the Indians working abroad. It is really good and informative.

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