National Law School of India University, Bangalore: Debate and Quizzing Achievements


Following is the list of Debate and Quizzing Achievements by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore in the present academic year.


Earlier in the year, the team of Vanshaj Jain & Isha Jain broke at WUDC 2017 held at the Hague, Netherland becoming only the second Indian team after IIT Bombay to break the most prestigious debating tournament in the world.

Mahima Priyani, as part of a cross team, broke 8th and reached the quarterfinals of the Hong Kong Debate Open.

Srinivas NC and Viraj Ananth were runner-ups at the BITS Goa Parliamentary Debate.
Ramaiah IV: Osho Chhel and Siddharth S. Aatreya narrowly lost the finals on a 3-2 split. Aman Deep Borthakur and Suranjan Shukla were also in the finals. Dhanush Dinesh was awarded the best judge of the tournament. Osho Chhel and Siddharth Aatreya were tied for second-best speaker.
Aditya Prasanna Bhattacharya won the Colloquium Debate 2017, organised by the Heritage Institute of Technology, as part of a cross team.

Isha Jain broke as an adjudicator at the Krabi Asian British Parliamentary Championship 2017.

NALSAR IV: Ritika Ajitsaria and Aman Deep Borthakur won the tournament. Unnati Ghia and Osho Chhel lost the finals on a 3-2 split with Unnati Ghia picking up the Best Speaker prize at the tournament. Trishal Kumar reached the finals as part of a cross team.
Ritwik Bhattacharya and Suranjan Shukla reached the semifinals. Aniruddh Nigam and Siddharth Aatreya were quarter-finalists and finished top of the team tabs at 17 points. Parv Kaushik and Mallika Sen reached the pre-quarters. Smriti Kalra broke as an adjudicator.
RV Debating Tournament: Siddharth S. Aatreya and Aniruddh Nigam reached the finals and were awarded 2nd and 3rd best speaker respectively. Osho Chhel and Ritika Ajitsaria also reached finals and Osho was the 10th best speaker. Karan Dhalla and Mansvini Jain reached semi-finals.
PES Debating Tournament 2017: Aniruddh Nigam & Siddharth S. Aatreya were declared runners-up, losing the finals on a 5-2 split. Osho Chhel & Ritika Ajitsaria were also finalists. Unnati Ghia & Aman Deep Borthakur made semi-finals with Unnati also winning the 2nd best speaker at the tournament. As a part of different cross teams, Trishal Kumar made to the semi-finals and Pranjal Dhaka made to the quarter-finals at the tournament.

MIT Debating Tournament: Unnati Ghia and Aman Deep Borthakur won the MIT Debate Tournament. Aniruddh Nigam was adjudged as the best speaker of the tournament.

Jeydev CS and Abhishek Choudhary came runners-up at the 2nd National Conquest Quiz Competition, organized by Centre for Law and Policy Research. The team had earlier emerged winners of the South Region.

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