List of  achievements in ADR Competitions in 2017

1. Srija Kumar was a semi-finalist at the Louis M. Brown and Foster S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition, 2017 held at the University of Kent.

2. Srija Kumar and Pallavi Dehari were semi-finalists in the NLSIU Negotiation competition 2017.

3. Diksha Singh won the Best Mediator Award at NLSIU Mediation Competition 2017.

4. Arshiya Sharda, Dayaar Singla and Soumya Cheedi were placed 4th at the Warsaw Negotiation Rounds 2017.

5. Angad Kamath and Akshya Aryal have been given a special award for the Best Negotiation Strategy, preliminary round, at CDRC, Vienna.

6. Nilav Banerjee and Lakshana Radhakrishnan were runners up in the Christ University Client Counselling Competition 2017.

7. Shambhavi Mishra and Saksham Agrawal were quarter-finalists as Client-Counsel in the Christ University mediation competition 2017.

8. The team comprising Ayushi Sunder and Shreyashi Himja emerged as Runners Up in the Med-Arb Competition at the Amity National ADR Tournament, 2017

9. At RMLNLU National Mediation Competition 2017, Arushi Nayar emerged as a runner-up in the Best Client Category and Prachi Tripathi broke to the quarter finals in the same category.

10. The team comprising Sreejoyee Bhattacharya and Shagun Devarakonde won the Client Counselling competition at the Amity National ADR Tournament, 2017.

11. Adwait Adalatwale, Kushal Garg and Dhruv Somayajula won the Best Mediation Team Award at SLS-Pune Mediation Competition 2017.

12. At NLIU INADR International Law School Mediation tournament, Pooja Shankar, Malvika Awasthi & Yuvraj Rattan Mehra were adjudged the winners of the final rounds. Pooja and Yuvraj also won the award for the best client-counsel team. Malvika and Yuvraj won the award for 9th best client-counsel team. Srija Kumar and Pallavi Dehari were adjudged the 2nd best client-counsel team. Upasana Manoj, Vaidehi Das and Sruthy Sriram emerged as the winners of the Best Mediation Team.

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