Absentee employee can be dismissed from service if prolonged leave is taken without prior approval

Madhya Pradesh High Court: The Court dismissed the petition seeking to overturn the order ousting the Petitioner’s husband (deceased) on the grounds of prolonged absence without prior approval or information.

The case before the Court was that the employee, a constable in the disciplined forces, met with an accident and lost his physical and mental well-being and ultimately committed suicide. During the period of his illness he had abstained from going to work and did not inform anybody about his absence or the reason thereof, even after several notices being served on the employee.

The Court observed that there is nothing on record to show that the employee or any of his family members had informed the department about his absence and if a punishment has been determined for this then it is not a violation of natural justice by the department. [Savitribai v. State of Madhya Pradesh, 2017 SCC OnLine MP 1196 decided on 14.09.2017]

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