Amity Law School, Noida proudly brings to you the first of its kind ADR Competition, open for all law students (currently pursuing a 5 year integrated course or pursuing LLM). The Amity National ADR Tournament, 2017 is being organized from 14th September 2017 to 16th September 2017.

It will be a 3 day event which will comprise of four sub-events namely Med-Arb, Negotiation, Client Counselling and Arbitration Award Writing. It is a unique initiative aimed at providing a platform to students from across the globe to learn and hone their alternative dispute resolution skills in cross-cultural settings.

The brief of the events are as follows:

Med-Arb Competition – It is a hybrid of Mediation and Arbitration. Each team will consist of 2 participants. Neutral party is adopted for mediation and if failed the party must go for Arbitration.

Negotiation competition – Each team will consist of 2 participants one will be the attorney and the other being the client, who will negotiate the differing party in the most adept manner.

Client Counselling Competition – Each team shall consist of two members. The Competition simulates a law office consultation in which two law students, acting as lawyers are presented with a hypothetical dispute brought before them by a client-actor.

Arbitration Award Writing Competition – One member of each team will participate in this competition and deliver an award within the stipulated time.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Eastern Book Company and the participants will have complete access to the SCC Online web resources, amongst other benefits. We will also be updating the SCC Online blog with live feeds directly from the event. Please do keep checking in regularly to follow the event!


September 14, 2017

10.50 am: We’re now starting the live updates for the Amity ADR Tournament, 2017. The event has formally begun with the lighting of the lamp, which was followed by a welcome address by Addl. Directors of Amity Law School, Noida, Ms. Shefali Raizada, and Mr. Aditya Tomer, and by the faculty in-charges. The Guest of Honour, Mr. M. S. Oberoi, Senior Advocate, and Mr. Justice Mukundakam, formerly a judge of the Delhi High Court, are addressing the participants and students of the Law School. This will be followed Felicitation of the Guests and a vote of thanks, by Mr. Mayank Kapila, Assistant Professor, Amity Law School, Noida, which shall conclude the Inaugural Ceremony, after which the various competitions shall commence.


2.30 p.m: The first and second rounds of the various competitions have now concluded, and the results will soon be tallied. The judges, in the meantime, have gone for lunch. The third round of client counselling is scheduled for post lunch.

3.53 p.m: The third round of client counselling is now underway, after which the judges will break for high tea, and the results will be declared at approximately 5.00 p.m, shortly after which they will be posted here.

5.47 p.m: The results for the preliminary rounds have been processed and the following teams will be proceeding further into the competition –

Client Counselling :
CC1, CC2, CC4, CC6, CC11,CC14, CC15 and CC17.

Med-Arb :
MA3, MA5, MA6, MA7, MA8, MA11, MA12 and MA17.

Negotiation :
N2, N3, N5, N12, N13, N14, N15 and N16.

(These are in chronological order, not in terms of score)

We congratulate all the qualifying teams and wish them the very best for the next round, and the live updates will resume tomorrow.
Please do keep checking in tomorrow for further updates.


September 15, 2017

10.26 a.m: Welcome back to live updates for the day!

The second day of the Tournament is about to begin, with the judges trickling in. Once everything is ready, the Quarter-finals of each of the competitions will commence.

12.29 p.m: The first rounds of the various competitions scheduled for the day have concluded, and the second round is set to begin soon, after which the scheduled event is the Arbitration Award Writing. For this, the participants are given a problem based on arbitration, and they have to solve the problem, with all the details of law and substance. The Quarter Final rounds have also ended, and the problems of Negotiation and Med-Arb for the Semi-Finals have been released, and while the judges have lunch, the participants shall prepare for their next rounds



1.35 p.m: The results of the quarter final rounds of the Client counselling, Med-Arb and Negotiation competitions have been released, and the following teams have advanced to the semi-finals in their respective competitions:

Med-Arb Competition: MA3, MA6, MA7, MA17

Negotiation Competition: N3, N12, N15, N16

Client Counselling: CC11, CC14, CC15, CC17


2.00 p.m: The judges have finished lunch, and have been presented with tokens of appreciation, for their contribution to the success of the competition. The participants and the student volunteers are now taking a lunch break after which, The semi-final rounds shall commence.

3.29 p.m: Lunch is now over, and the semi-finals of the ADR Tournament have begun. The Client Counselling, Med-Arb, and Negotiation competitions are underway. The performance of the student teams has steadily increased over the course of the Tournament, and the level of competitiveness is at its peak. There are now a total of 12 teams left in the competition, and only 2 from each competition will advance to compete tomorrow in the finals. The teams are leaving no stone un-turned in their efforts to reach the final. We wish the teams the very best in the competition.


4.56 p.m: The last competitions of the day have now concluded, and the participants and judges are now having refreshments while the results are being compiled. 2 teams from each competition will be competing tomorrow, on the final day of the three day ADR Tournament. The results of the semi-finals will be posted online, at this space, shortly.


22.58 p.m:

The results for the semi final have been processed and updated on the website. The teams qualifying for the final round are-

Med-Arb :
MA3 and MA17

Negotiation :
N3 and N16

Client Counselling :
CC15 and CC17

We congratulate the qualifying teams and wish them the very best for tomorrow.
The problem for the final round has also been uploaded on the website, and can be accessed at :

Please do keep checking in for regular updates.

September 16, 2017

10.26 a.m: The third day of the Amity ADR Tournament 2017 has formally begun, with the arrival of the judges for the final round of the Client Counselling Competition.They are currently being briefed after which the final round is set to begin.


10.57 a.m: The finals for the Client Counselling session have begun, with teams CC15 and CC17 competing for the grand prize. The panel of judges for Client Counselling comprises of the following senior advocates, Ms. Jayshree Chandra, Ms. Shweta Bharti, Mr. A. K. Singh, Mr. N Basava Patil


12.55 p.m: The final of the Client Counselling session is now complete, and the results are being compiled.

In the meantime, the the judges for the Negotiation competition have arrived, and are being briefed on the problem and proceedings. The final round for the Negotiation competition will begin shortly.
1.37 p.m: The Final round for the Negotiation competition has now begun. The two teams, N3 and N16 are in the proceedings for the final prize of the competition.
3.07 p.m. The Final round of Negotiation is now completed, and the judges have broken for lunch. In the meantime, the Med-Arb competition final has begun, and the Valedictory function is set to begin shortly. The declaration of results is eagerly awaited, with several dignitaries scheduled to arrive shortly. Stay tuned for the results and the speeches!
 4.20 p.m: The valedictory function began with the lighting of the lamp by the judges, the Chairman and the the Additional Directors of the law school. Opening addresses were given by Dr. Aditya Tomer, Addl, Director of ALS, Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, ALS, and a Report of the Event by Mr. Nikhil Kashyap, Asst. Professor, ALS, which was followed by an address by Justice Deshmukh, former sitting judge on the bench of the Chhattisgarh High Court, wherein he shared his experience about ADR and its growing popularity, with an emphasis on why there has been an increasing number of people are opting for it.
5.25 p.m: The results have been declared during the Valedictory function, and they were awarded their prizes by Justice Deepa Sharma, Justice Deshmukh, Prof. (Dr.) Bandyopadhyay, Dr. Raizada, Dr. Tomer, Mr. Kapila, and Mr. Kashyap. The results are as follows:
Med-Arb Coompetition:
Winner : Christ University (MA3) and Runner Up: NALSAR (MA17)
Client Counselling Competition:
Winner : NALSAR (CC17) and Runner Up: UPES (CC15)
Negotiation Competition:
Winner : Christ University (N3) and Runner Up: VIPS (N16)
Award Writing Competition:
Winner : Kurukshetra Vishal Jha (Kurukshetra University), Runner Up: Heba Rehman (Jamia Milia Islamia)
Photos of the entire event will be posted later tonight, please tune in for more later!

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