Notice issued to DM and SP, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP) over allegations of harassment & false implication by police in the case of assault on African Nationals

National Human Rights Commission: The National Human Rights Commission has issued notices to the District Magistrate and superintendent of Police, Gautam Budh Nagar on a complaint that police has falsely implicated innocent residents of the NSG society in the matter of assault on some African Nationals at a mall in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on the 27th March, 2017. They have been given four weeks to submit reports in the matter. The Commission has also asked its Director General (Investigation) to get the facts collected in the matter.

According to the complaint by some residents of the society, the students and their parents, living in the NSG society, are being harassed in the name of the investigations. As a result they are so petrified that they are not able to go to attend schools and colleges even as Board Exams are in progress.

Allegedly, a boy, living in their society had died on the 25th March, 2017, allegedly due to overdose of drugs supplied by some Nigerians. The residents of the society had taken permission from the administration to take out a peaceful candle march in his memory from the society to the Pari Chowk on the 27th March, 2017. Even as they were sitting in the silent prayers at Pari Chowk, some anti social elements assaulted a few Nigerians at a nearby mall. But the police have named 53 persons who were not even present at the place of the incident, which, they claim, can be seen in by the CCTV camera recording at the mall.

Allegedly, the 7 persons, arrested by the police in the matter were also not present at the site of the assault. They were part of the candle march and sitting at the Pari Chowk at the time of the incident a video recording of which is available with the police.

National Human Rights Commission

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