EBC publishes a book on Nigerian Taxation

Cases and Materials on Nigerian Taxation by Muhammed Taofeeq Abdulrazaq provides a collection of materials on Nigerian taxation. The work comprises updated materials earlier published in various volumes of the Nigerian Tax Notes, tax regulations, information circulars and judicial decisions.

The book is divided into five parts. First part deals with the National Tax Policy of Nigeria. Second part deals with Tax Administration in Nigeria. The third part deals with Interpretation of Tax Statutes in Nigeria and the fourth part deals with Tax Avoidance and Evasion. The fifth part is devoted to Tax Regulations.

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The book will prove to be useful for university law students and those studying for professional examinations in taxation, accountancy, banking, insurance, administration, management, local government studies, legal executive and paralegal studies and many other professional courses. Tax practitioners and tax administrators will find it as a useful and ready source of material in their work.


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